The Courier-Mail : 2020-08-11



7 PUZZLES 33 COURIERMAI­L.COM.AU TUESDAY AUGUST 11 2020 SIMON SHUKER’S CODE-CRACKER 1. 9. Lisbon is the capital city of what country? According to a common saying, you can lead a horse to water, but what can’t you make it what? The film ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ centres on what sport? In educationa­l acronym NAPLAN, for what does the L stand? Major events in what TV drama series included The Red Wedding, The Purple Wedding, and The Battle of the Blackwater? Which of the tennis grand slam tournament­s has Rafael Nadal won 12 times? What Beatles hit begins with the lyrics, “When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now”? Acrophobia is the fear of what? Winner of the inaugural AFLW Best and Fairest, Erin Phillips is also a former Olympic medallist in which team sport — basketball, hockey or softball? ‘Thank You For Being a Friend’ was the theme song for what sitcom? The quandong is a fruit native to what continent? Which Australian author wrote the best-selling novel The Book Thief? An angle of less than 90 degrees is known by what name? Dance Monkey was a massive worldwide hit song for which Australian performer? Car company Peugeot and financial corporatio­n ING both have logos that feature what animal? In the Lord of the Rings film series, which Australian actor plays Elrond? The Suez Crisis took place during which decade? The cluster of stars known as Pleiades is also nicknamed the Seven what? Having succeeded Peter Cosgrove last year, who is Australia’s current governorge­neral? 2. 16. 3. 10. 17. 4. 18. 11. 5. 12. 19. 6. 13. THE STUMPER 20. 14. What are the five “Great Lakes” of North America? 7. Ontario Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake 20. Hurley David 19. Sisters 18. 17.1950s Weaving Hugo 16. Lion 15. I and Tones 14. Acute 13. Zusak Markus 12. Australia 11. Girls Golden The 10. Basketball 9. Heights 8. Four Sixty- I’m When 7. Open French 6. Thrones Of Game 5. Literacy 4. Soccer 3. Drink 2. Portugal 1. 15. 8. Answers: WORDFIT Can you fit all the words into the grid? We’ve given one to get you started. DOUBLE CROSS 3 LETTERS TIME TONE URNS VISA SEERS SPOOR TILES TONGA VENTS WIDER WIVED AGE AND CUB GOO HUE ION LEG LIE LOT USE WAN WAR Reveal a completed crossword by deleting one of the two letters in each square & & = P H O E K R E S D E = H E & & U E & & A H R O N D E D R & & & & & & E G & & C A & & & & & & U G A B O C & & O L & & S A & & S C & & K H A E B T E C D H = E S & & O E & & L E & & E & & G P R W E O D E U A T C O E T R N S & & = & & A O & & T N & & I I A L R E R G Y & & T 5 LETTERS ALIGN AUGER BALED BALER CEDAR CEDED CHIVE CORGI CURES ERRED GENIE OBOES OCCUR OREAD QUEEN RENDS ROUSE N T C S E R S 6 LETTERS I BALSAM MEMBER QUASAR REGGAE I N L R & & E O & & V L T G & & Z D E O B R O N L O R I = D B R A L = J I T S O L 4 LETTERS 7 LETTERS T E O R C S T & & O & & E A & & F M I ARID BIER BOOT DISC EWER REDO SAWS SCAR AMNESIA ASSUMED CAROUSE ELITISM PENDING SAILING SUICIDE SURNAME & & A V F E I A P P R E Y L R & & L E & & = A S M A Y & & H M I A S N = 11/8 WORDSEARCH WORDWHEEL 5x5 Can you find all these words in the grid? Insert the missing letters to make ten words — five across the grid and five down. More than one solution may be possible. Fill in the missing letter to make an eight-letter word which can read either clockwise or anticlockw­ise P I 915 SALUSN INEPTP I FGFAA HXEERCSDPH­PVXCAAVH NON I ALPNOEN I VARRAE ISTNF I PA L SWL SACMLD AHYE I FLLSLLCNRH­ELG TOEMEFAGFE ICEB I LEE UEA AD L TWNDHHRRED TO O I VNSWAMP I WF AE L J NW EPMML S I EGROGQUGCN­T HRRNKANSAJ FPMPXNTA BKPTPTTECH­TJPFHNNS K I GHHEHAFAS I XRGKOT EBELGFENSP­CRCTO I CU P L A T E A UHMEWGA B L K P R TA S O E I ? O E NS O S ARBORETUM ARCHIPELAG­O CANYON CAPE CLIFF CONTINENT COPPICE DALE DELL EARTH EMBANKMENT ESTATE FARM FENS FIELD FOREST GARDEN GLEBE GORGE GROUND HEDGEROW HILL LAND MARSH MEADOW MOOR MOUNTAIN E T R Previous solution: E T PROPHECY 9=6 PREVIOUS SOLUTIONS WordFit Wordsearch CH IC K I ND GOUDA UBOAT S UMMON K I DNAP LAP LA I RS CUE OVEN SK I TENT PALETTE HURTS CRABBED WON K Y AEROB IC ODES END REDO V IA A L ARM ALL EUREKA OUTSET MER IT CLOTS DANE KEYS R QPSYR R EBESOOGCNV P E CMVSACUPTF­FCCEBH I CWA T ERME LONAVOCAD O SQUASHGCNU­NACMBFFT RUWCRRA E TGHCCVDGT J E JPOUBYPOBO­TAHR R DE B CVOBDURELA­QNRL A I J U F GWP N EGE L P P A K M E SG C EEKGTO U FMQEGNE F XJ U G IETPP A Q U MANDA R IN CNMUGNE V U L BVTNS U QE I JCAELRASPB­ERRY I BQ Double Cross SQUABBLE Z A P A X O NOSY COCOON I E K L O T ITLE VAULT I E I O SCOOP EMBER E P F R I S PRAWL JUDO E R E S U N DRAUGHTS PARK PASTURE PENINSULA PLAIN PLANTATION PLATEAU RANCH RAVINE RIDGE SCREE SHORE SLOPE SOIL SWAMP VALE VALLEY WOOD 5x5 SPARS MOTEL ELOPE A I LED ROLLS PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTE­D BY PRESSREADE­R PressReade­ +1 604 278 4604 V1 - BCME01Z01M­A ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW