Deadly con­di­tion easy to pre­vent

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PYOMETRA is a se­ri­ous con­di­tion that can de­velop in fe­male pets that have not been de­sexed.

It is more com­mon in mid­dle-aged to older dogs but cats are not im­mune from the con­di­tion.

Over time there are changes to a fe­male’s re­pro­duc­tive tract that can lead to thick­en­ing of the uterus and for­ma­tion of cysts. These cysts pro­vide a per­fect en­vi­ron­ment for bac­te­ria to repli­cate and the thick­ened uterus has trou­ble con­tract­ing to re­move the bac­te­ria.

The re­sult can be a sep­tic uterus and this is a very se­ri­ous and po­ten­tially life threat­en­ing con­di­tion. Signs of pyometra: In­creased thirst Lethargy Vom­it­ing Loss of ap­petite There may or may NOT be vagi­nal dis­charge

Treat­ment needs to be ag­gres­sive and sur­gi­cal in­ter­ven­tion to re­move the uterus and ovaries (spey) is al­most al­ways nec­es­sary. Some pets will also re­quire in­tra­venous fluid and an­tibi­otic ther­apy as well as in­ten­sive care.

The good news is that de­sex­ing your fe­male pet will pre­vent this con­di­tion and it will also help re­duce the like­li­hood of other dis­eases such as breast cancer.

We strongly rec­om­mend that all non-breed­ing fe­male pets are de­sexed, and we are happy to an­swer any ques­tions you might have.

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