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Why does YouTube ap­peal?

FOR hun­dreds of mil­lions of view­ers, YouTube is al­ways on, ev­ery­where: More than half of YouTube views come from mo­bile de­vices.

For brands that know how to cap­ture and hold users’ at­ten­tion, it’s a highly cre­ative out­let full of op­por­tu­ni­ties to en­gage a global au­di­ence.

On YouTube, it’s pos­si­ble to cre­ate a video that res­onates with a large num­ber of peo­ple – a video that’s watched by choice, not seen by chance.

YouTube can build your brand by con­nect­ing your mes­sage with your au­di­ence where they’re pay­ing at­ten­tion.

Cre­ate an ef­fec­tive YouTube ad­ver­tis­ing strat­egy

When it comes to reach­ing your au­di­ence, you know what’s worked in the past. Now you need to trans­late your ap­proach so it ap­plies to your YouTube strat­egy.

Here are some key steps to help you find a con­tent plan that works for you.

With 400 hours of new con­tent up­loaded to YouTube ev­ery minute, how can you be sure view­ers will want to watch yours?

Start by choos­ing a ter­ri­tory in which you can win. For ex­am­ple, are you go­ing to make quirky life­hack videos to drive aware­ness, util­ity-based how-to videos to en­cour­age new use cases, or are you go­ing to cre­ate that big “whoa” mo­ment to get peo­ple buzzing and shar­ing?

Ask your­self what your brand stands for – what are the pas­sions that will drive its suc­cess?

At the same time, ask your­self what your cus­tomers care about in their daily lives. Find the point where your brand’s pas­sions over­lap with your au­di­ence’s con­cerns. At that in­ter­sec­tion lies some­thing unique you can bring your fans to to earn their loy­alty.

De­fine the main ob­jec­tive

What’s the mar­ket­ing or busi­ness ob­jec­tive you’re try­ing to achieve? This might seem ob­vi­ous, but in our ex­pe­ri­ence many brands strug­gle to clearly ar­tic­u­late a role for con­tent that’s both unique and valu­able. Here are some ob­jec­tives to con­sider: Build aware­ness Will peo­ple be able to re­call and recog­nise your brand, prod­uct or ser­vice af­ter watch­ing the video? In­flu­ence con­sid­er­a­tion Will peo­ple con­sider buy­ing what you’re sell­ing af­ter watch­ing the video? Drive sales Will peo­ple be more likely to visit your web­site or store to buy your prod­uct af­ter watch­ing the video? Grow loy­alty Will peo­ple be more likely to rec­om­mend your brand, prod­uct or ser­vice af­ter watch­ing the video?

Con­sider the cus­tomer need

Un­der­stand­ing the needs of your cus­tomers will help drive the type of con­tent you cre­ate, the tone of your mes­sag­ing, and the ex­pe­ri­ences you of­fer.

Once you have a sense of the jour­ney your cus­tomers are on, it will be eas­ier to fig­ure out what kinds of videos they’d most ap­pre­ci­ate.

The or­gan­is­ing prin­ci­ple called ICE – In­for­ma­tion, Con­nec­tion, En­ter­tain­ment – lets you think about the role your videos will play in a cus­tomer’s daily life. In­for­ma­tion Peo­ple watch these videos for the lat­est up­dates, self-im­prove­ment, how-to in­struc­tions and de­ci­sion-mak­ing help. Con­nec­tion Peo­ple watch these videos to share with other users, to bond with their com­mu­ni­ties and to re­act to friends’ sug­ges­tions. En­ter­tain­ment Peo­ple watch these videos to get in­spired, laugh, re­lax, be nos­tal­gic and re­lieve bore­dom.

Un­der­stand the re­sources re­quired

Be crit­i­cal about what you want to achieve and what it takes to achieve it.

You might want to cre­ate high-qual­ity daily pro­gram­ming – or at­ten­tion-get­ting “whoa” mo­ments around mas­sive cul­tural events – but with­out pro­duc­tion ex­perts and a big bud­get, that’s go­ing to be dif­fi­cult. Con­sider the re­sources you do have. What kind of con­tent is sus­tain­able for you? One-off videos These can be as short as six-sec­ond bumper ads. Get in, get your mes­sage across with a quick im­pact­ful hit. Longer form video Take as long as you want to tell your brand story. Ex­per­i­ment with long-for­mat video con­tent. Se­ries Can you de­liver in­for­ma­tion in a way that keeps peo­ple com­ing back for more? Al­ways-on chan­nel You’ve got the re­sources to re­lease videos in dif­fer­ent for­mats and styles. Tent­pole cam­paigns live along­side year-round con­tent.


REACH OUT: YouTube is full of op­por­tu­ni­ties to en­gage a global au­di­ence.

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