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TO­DAY’S ar­ti­cle is about top­ics I men­tion fre­quently but we need to keep them alive.

We are mov­ing into times that seem so out of the or­di­nary, some­times it takes so­lu­tions that seem out of the “nor­mal” to high­light prob­lems.

Can you be­lieve ci­cadas have al­ready been com­ing out of the ground and pre­par­ing their song to mate? I haven’t heard them my­self yet, but I have first­hand info that have been found on a porch and in the trees. Check your gar­den to see if this is the case for you.

Have you looked at the Fires Near Me web­site? Please do, as I think it might ei­ther sur­prise you, or alarm you. The whole east coast is not able to be seen for the fires that are cov­er­ing the coast. I don’t have to re­mind you we are just in the mid­dle of spring and as snow falls in one part of the state, fire burns down an­other. We are in a to­tal fire ban, and we have just started spring.

I do not want to seem to be alarmist, how­ever; I would like to point out some things. That it is look­ing like we are com­ing into an­other drought. No rain it seems un­til Oc­to­ber, and we can see how brown and dry ev­ery­thing is. I might sound like a bro­ken record, but we have just started spring. As we see the big­gest hur­ri­cane “ever” in the Caribbean it looks as though we might end up go­ing through our own hur­ri­cane when it comes to the fires and what this sum­mer is go­ing to fire at us.

Af­ter all the doom and gloom, there are two pos­si­ble so­lu­tions we could start to im­ple­ment: First Peo­ple’s Fire Stick Farm­ing and Peter An­drews Nat­u­ral Se­quence Farm­ing.

Each farm­ing method has a dif­fer­ent fo­cus, and maybe, in com­bin­ing both, we could have a so­lu­tion.

Fire stick farm­ing fo­cuses on cool fires in a pat­tern of de­sign. They are cool burns, help­ing re­gen­er­ate ar­eas and break down fuel that can cre­ate hot and out-of-con­trol fires.

Nat­u­ral Se­quence Farm­ing fo­cuses on the hy­drol­ogy of the land­scape. It looks at how the water flows and in­ter­acts with the greater land­scape. The plants are the man­agers and water the medium. There is a whole body of info and knowl­edge around NSF from pos­i­tive and neg­a­tive pres­sure and water be­ing stored in the ground and re­hy­drat­ing the land­scape.

Th­ese tech­niques might seem poles apart from each other but maybe work­ing to­gether we can come up with so­lu­tions to help “work with the land” rather than im­pose on it.

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