Pumped about teach­ing fit­ness

He­len Healey, 53, group fit­ness man­ager, Goodlife Health Club Morn­ing­side

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What do you do?

I teach group fit­ness classes and am a man­ager at the Morn­ing­side club and also a pro­gram di­rec­tor for our PACE cy­cle pro­gram. It’s a few dif­fer­ent jobs rolled into one but to­gether about 25 to 30 hours a week.

Have you had any ca­reer changes?

My first ever job was as a le­gal stenog­ra­pher when I was 15 years old, do­ing short­hand and typ­ing.

When I was 18 I was at a bank as a data en­try op­er­a­tor. I worked in that in­dus­try for about 12 years, work­ing shift work as well as teach­ing (fit­ness) classes.

What is a high­light of work­ing in fit­ness?

When I had my chil­dren I could still work part time. A lot of jobs aren’t that flex­i­ble. We were able to take the chil­dren to the gym crèche while work­ing so it was the per­fect so­lu­tion.

Is your age a fac­tor at work?

The fit­ness in­dus­try doesn’t just em­brace a par­tic­u­lar age. I have a wide de­mo­graphic in my classes, in­clud­ing in their 20s and 70s. The pop­u­la­tion is get­ting older and they like to see role mod­els in the in­dus­try.

Have you had to up­skill?

I started teach­ing very ba­sic classes, now I teach yoga, HIIT and cy­cle and the PACE pro­gram. Goodlife are con­stantly look­ing for new things in the in­dus­try to keep mem­bers en­gaged. You can’t just stay fo­cused on one skill, you have to up­skill to stay fresh and be mar­ketable. It helps keep the pas­sion for what you do, too.

Any plans to step your ca­reer back?

I want to stay teach­ing as long as I pos­si­bly can. We have a lot of in­struc­tors that con­tinue to teach in their 60s. We have a male yoga in­struc­tor in his 70s. As long as you are fit and healthy there is no rea­son not to con­tinue work­ing.


IN SHAPE: Group fit­ness man­ager He­len Healey, 53, teaches yoga, HIIT, cy­cle and the PACE pro­gram.

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