Sadly, calcium in a cone doesn’t count

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CAN you get your daily calcium needs from ice cream? Di­eti­tian Melissa Meier weighs in.

Ice cream is made from dairy and is a source of calcium, so it’s kind of healthy, right?

Dairy foods (and their al­ter­na­tives) make up one of the core food groups. These foods are an im­por­tant source of calcium, which most peo­ple know you need for strong bones and teeth.

But calcium has so many other func­tions on top of that. It plays a role in mus­cle func­tion, heart func­tion and even our ner­vous sys­tem.

The dairy and al­ter­na­tives food group com­prises milk, yo­ghurt and cheese – un­for­tus­coop nately, ice cream isn’t part of this core food group.

Sure, ice cream will pro­vide you with a hit of calcium but there are much health­ier op­tions to help you reach your calcium quota.

For a quick com­par­i­son, a of vanilla ice cream (50g) con­tains al­most 50mg of calcium, whereas a small tub of low­fat yo­ghurt can con­tain more than 300mg.

To put that into per­spec­tive, you’re rec­om­mended to have 1000mg of calcium a day (if you’re aged 19–50).

On top of that, ice cream is an en­ergy-dense food, so your waist­line won’t be too happy if you overdo it on the reg.

You’ve prob­a­bly guessed it but ice cream should stay in the “some­times” bas­ket.

That doesn’t mean you can never eat ice cream – and thank good­ness for that, be­cause who would want to live in a world with­out ice cream, any­way?

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BUM­MER: Ice cream is not a good source of calcium.

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