I took to bal­loons like a duck to wa­ter and be­came a leader

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MATT Fal­loon, 32, has the per­fect name to spe­cialise in bal­loon twist­ing. But for years he worked an of­fice, un­til he made the move to launch his busi­ness, Matt Fal­loon and his Trained Bal­loons. He says: “I’ve al­ways done magic as a hobby and started dab­bling in chil­dren’s shows book­ing one or two shows a month. My day job was first in sales and then man­ag­ing the au­dio vis­ual in­stalls for smart class­rooms. I was stuck in a box of an of­fice work­ing nine to five.

A fel­low ma­gi­cian started re­fer­ring jobs that he couldn’t do and put me in touch with a net­work of ma­gi­cians. I started get­ting busier and busier on week­ends and it put the spark back in my life. My in­ter­est was mostly in per­form­ing and I’d also do a bit of ba­sic bal­loon twist­ing as part of the show. But there weren’t many ma­gi­cians do­ing bal­loons so I started study­ing it. Be­fore long I made bal­loons the cen­tre­piece of my act. I spent Friday nights twist­ing bal­loons in the Opera Bar at Cir­cu­lar Quay.

I was com­mut­ing from Wise­man’s Ferry, still do­ing my week­day of­fice job, book­ing kids par­ties on week­ends and work­ing at the Opera Bar on Friday nights. I was ex­hausted but be­fore long I was earn­ing the same on week­ends as I was earn­ing dur­ing the week. I buck­led down and saved 12 months worth of mort­gage re­pay­ments then I quit.

I took to bal­loons like a duck to wa­ter and soon be­came a leader in Aus­tralia for bal­loon twist­ing. I have toured Europe and been in­vited to Dal­las to show what I can do.

There are things I miss about the cor­po­rate world, like so­cial­is­ing with col­leagues. But noth­ing beats be­ing your own boss and set­ting your own hours.

I was ac­tu­ally born Matt Fal­lon, but added the sec­ond o as a stage name. I now look back and re­alise I was nowhere near as happy be­ing Matt Fal­lon and I am be­ing Matt Fal­loon.”

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