This su­per­model has made the tran­si­tion from cat­walk to board­room, writes Matthew Benns

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The truth of the mat­ter is I wasn't born a strong and con­fi­dent woman. I be­came one through my own ef­forts to cul­ti­vate these at­tributes daily.

S he has one of the most beau­ti­ful, recog­nis­able and mar­ketable faces in the world but right now, over the phone from her home in Los An­ge­les, Mi­randa Kerr says it is “shriv­elled up” in pure hor­ror. Ap­par­ently my new age man boast of mois­tur­is­ing with Nivea Man is too much for su­per­model turned or­ganic skin­care ty­coon to bear. She has only just fin­ished ex­plain­ing how “the rose quartz in­fuses the vi­bra­tion of self­love” into her new skin­care range, when I make my star­tling ad­mis­sion. “My face is all shriv­elled up! Oh, no, don’t be us­ing that, read the in­gre­di­ents and you will know why,” she tells BW Mag­a­zine. The 34year-old Aus­tralian-born su­per­model is re­launch­ing her KORA Or­gan­ics skin­care range glob­ally — with new lux­ury pack­ag­ing she de­signed her­self and a host of new prod­ucts. Un­til this year KORA Or­gan­ics was only sold in Aus­tralia, with sales over­seas via an on­line store only. But a global push to ex­pand the brand has led over­seas sales to grow four­fold on last year alone. It is now sold in more than 300 Sephora stores across the US and there are plans to en­ter some of the world’s big­gest mar­kets, in­clud­ing Asia, Europe, the UK, Canada and Scan­di­navia. Kerr has pumped her life sav­ings from 20 years of mod­el­ling — from win­ning the Dolly Mag­a­zine model com­pe­ti­tion in 1997 to her five years as Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret an­gel — into send­ing the prod­uct to the world. “I am not go­ing to tell you the ex­act amount but its mil­lions and mil­lions of dol­lars,” she says. “This re­ally is my baby. I have spent al­most all the money I have earnt through mod­el­ling in­vest­ing into this com­pany.” Kerr’s de­ter­mi­na­tion is well doc­u­mented. In her lat­est book Em­power Your­self, she writes: “The truth of the mat­ter is I wasn’t born a strong and con­fi­dent woman, I be­came one through my own ef­forts to cul­ti­vate these at­tributes daily.” She does have the sup­port of her new hus­band, bil­lion­aire Snapchat co­founder Evan Spiegel, who told her: “Mi­randa this is your pas­sion clearly this is where your heart is so why don’t you fo­cus your en­ergy into do­ing this and ex­pand­ing the busi­ness world­wide.”

Kerr says: “He re­ally en­cour­aged me to fo­cus on that. It’s been quite a risk to ac­tu­ally take that and de­cide to slow down on the mod­el­ling and re­ally fo­cus on con­tin­u­ing to build this brand and ex­pand it in­ter­na­tion­ally but it’s one of the best de­ci­sions I have ever made.”

Of course Spiegel would back it be­cause it has cleared up his dry skin a treat. “Evan used to have re­ally dry skin on his face and he doesn’t any more,” Kerr ex­plains.

“These prod­ucts are re­ally good for men. Evan uses the Noni Glow face oil (which just won a ma­jor US beauty prod­uct award) ev­ery day. Ac­tu­ally so does Or­lando,” she says be­fore

burst­ing into a hearty chuckle.

Or­lando is Kerr’s swash­buck­ling film star first hus­band Or­lando Bloom, fa­ther of her sixyear-old son Flynn. Bloom has a house near Kerr’s in Los An­ge­les and shares the par­ent­ing. “We try to make it work for him to see (Flynn). It was sup­posed to be four days-three days but right now he is on a movie, so Flynn is with me and I love that.”

The re­la­tion­ship with Bloom works bet­ter now than ever. “It’s much more har­mo­nious this way and that’s re­ally im­por­tant,” Kerr says.

“I love be­ing a mum, it’s like a mir­a­cle and puts ev­ery­thing into per­spec­tive. And I love spend­ing time with Flynny but it’s ob­vi­ously im­por­tant that he does spend time with his dad and Or­lando is a great dad and we are very good friends. We will al­ways be fam­ily. He and I get along bet­ter now than we ever have.” K err’s par­ents and 30 of her and Spiegel’s clos­est friends flew to LA for their wed­ding in the back gar­den of their lux­ury home in July.

There was much an­tic­i­pa­tion about the big day af­ter Kerr gave an in­ter­view that im­plied she and Spiegel were sav­ing them­selves for the honey­moon night.

“I read it and I was like ‘Whaaaat?’ ” she says. “It was taken out of con­text, I never said that we weren’t in­ti­mate.” It was mis­con­strued, she in­sists, be­cause she said they were not go­ing to have chil­dren un­til af­ter they mar­ried “be­cause Evan is a tra­di­tional guy”.

She does not pay any at­ten­tion to the gos­sip that sur­rounds her, say­ing, philo­soph­i­cally: “It goes with the ter­ri­tory.”

One as­pect of the model’s life to get a pub­lic air­ing re­cently was her diet se­cret. Kerr’s for­mer chef Kate McAloon told how the star’s diet in­volved a flex­i­ble rou­tine of eat­ing clean most of the time with a few in­dul­gences thrown in, to spruik her own cook­ing tour.

Kerr says she al­lows a few treats in her diet. “We live in a world that is so full of tox­ins but we can make a con­scious choice of what we put in. I am not su­per strict about any­thing. Eighty per cent of what I eat is healthy and or­ganic and 20 per cent is in­dul­gence.”

Rev­e­la­tions that she works on an 80/20 diet of moder­a­tion have not trou­bled Kerr at all. “Peo­ple are al­ways go­ing to say some­thing and talk about what they are go­ing to talk about. It’s very im­por­tant to not re­ally pay too much at­ten­tion to it,” she says.

And if you re­ally want to know her true eat­ing weak­ness — it is a cheese­burger. “Evan makes a great cheese­burger,” she says. “He is re­ally good on the grill. I mean, ob­vi­ously, we use free range meat, but he makes it and I eat it ev­ery time it’s so good.”

At this point our phone call is in­ter­rupted by a ker­fuf­fle in the back­ground be­fore Kerr breath­lessly ex­plains that one of her dogs, Teddy, has burst into the house.

“I was a bit wor­ried my dog was about to go to the bath­room in­side.

“We just got a new lit­tle puppy — it’s a Pomera­nian — and the other puppy can smell the new one and I don’t want them to try and outdo each other with the scent.”

Then she picks up the in­ter­view again. “You were say­ing be­fore Teddy in­ter­rupted …”

Her point, at the end of it all, is sim­ple. “It’s re­ally im­por­tant to be grounded and keep things real and be ap­pre­cia­tive of ev­ery day and to be grate­ful for the small things.

“You just never know what is go­ing to hap­pen in life.”

It’s been quite a risk to slow down on the mod­el­ling

Mi­randa Kerr on the red car­pet; and (right) with her KORA Or­gan­ics Noni Glow Face Oil.

Kerr and Spiegel be­gan dat­ing in 20 15 af­ter f irst meet­ing at a New York din­ner party in 2014.

Kerr with new hus­band Evan Spiegel on their wed­ding day; and (above) with son Flynn, 6.

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