You have your own be­liefs and prin­ci­ples we want to pass on

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Adrian and Han­nah Browne have eight chil­dren — six boys and two girls — from three to 17 years. They be­lieve for the most part their par­ent­ing styles are con­sis­tent with all of them, re­gard­less of their sex. Adrian says: “There are lots of things that are com­mon when it comes to par­ent­ing the boys and the girls, and it’s mostly around our key prin­ci­ples of par­ent­ing.

“You have your own be­liefs and prin­ci­ples you want to pass on to the kids as well as a gen­eral guid­ance and dis­ci­pline. I’ve no­ticed that as they get older, you tend to see more dif­fer­ences between the gen­ders, but our el­dest girl is only 11, so I’m not sure what fe­male pu­berty has in store for us yet.

“I think the im­por­tance of dads in their daugh­ters’ lives is un­der­rated in our so­ci­ety. And I find there’s a real yearn­ing in my el­dest daugh­ter for time with dad, so I try to be a lot more at­ten­tive with her, so in that sense my ap­proach is dif­fer­ent.

“Also, girls can tell if you’re re­ally hearing them, whereas boys are not so at­tuned to that, for them it’s more about what you say rather than how you say it. I also sus­pect the girls may be more of a worry as they get older, I’ll want to maybe keep a closer eye on them as they go out into the world more.

“But the cau­tion­ary steps we take with all of them will be the same, which is to al­ways know where they are, check in with the par­ents of friends, and set bound­aries.

“All in all, we treat them as in­di­vid­u­als and I love spend­ing time with them all equally. In fact, my favourite time of the year is our endof-year hol­i­day be­cause we get to spend undis­turbed time to­gether.”

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