Trump-haters get their amyg­dalae in a twist

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US pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump re­cently re­ceived a let­ter from a young­ster named Frank Gi­acco.

“Dear Mr Pres­i­dent,” Gi­acco wrote. “It would be my honor to mow the White House lawn some week­end for you.

“Even though I’m only 10, I’d like to show the na­tion what young peo­ple like me are ready for. I ad­mire your busi­ness back­ground and have started my own busi­ness. I have been mow­ing my neigh­bors’ lawns for some time.”

Gi­acco usu­ally charges $8, but of­fered to com­plete the White House job for free. Sens­ing an ob­vi­ous PR op­por­tu­nity, Trump’s staff con­tacted the lad. Last week, Gi­acco achieved his am­bi­tion, trav­el­ling the short dis­tance from his Vir­ginia home to the White House and du­ti­fully trim­ming the pres­i­den­tial lawn.

“Frank is hard at work in the Rose Gar­den and do­ing a great job!” tweeted Trump press sec­re­tary Sarah San­ders. PR op­por­tu­nity ac­com­plished. But then came the hate.

“Not send­ing a great sig­nal on child la­bor, min­i­mum wage & oc­cu­pa­tional safety,” sneered New York Times con­trib­u­tor Steven Green­house. “What this kid wants to do is no­ble, but sorry, I’m mind­ful of prob­lems,” Green­house con­tin­ued on Twit­ter. “I’ve writ­ten lots about child la­bor & kids be­ing hurt by ma­chin­ery.

“Peo­ple who don’t think about child la­bor or job safety don’t re­al­ize that young kids & mow­ers aren’t a great fit.”

Thank you, Buzz Killing­ton. Still, Green­house’s case of Trump de­range­ment syn­drome is mi­nor com­pared to that suf­fered by Fair­fax’s David Leser, who re­vealed on Satur­day he’d never met a sin­gle Trump sup­porter — un­til his US-born cousin ar­rived in Aus­tralia and men­tioned she’d voted for the Don­ald.

“It was a glo­ri­ous sun-kissed morn­ing and we were ac­tu­ally crest­ing Heart­break Hill, the two-kilo­me­tre stretch of road be­tween Rose Bay and Vau­cluse, when she ut­tered these words, and I had what can best be de­scribed as an ‘amyg­dala hi­jack’ — a takeover of the brain’s lim­bic sys­tem,” Leser re­ported.

“Faster, shal­lower breath­ing; in­creased heart rate; di­lated pupils; a flood of stress hor­mones, mainly cor­ti­sol — all re­sult­ing in gen­eral loss of con­scious rea­son­ing.”

That’s putting it mildly. “I can’t f…ing be­lieve it,” Leser shouted at the woman. “You mean I’m driv­ing around Syd­ney with a f…ing Trump sup­porter, and she hap­pens to be my cousin.”

Leser, by the way, is in his 60s. The hot-headed old­timer then told his cousin, “Look, I don’t think I can do this” — and ac­tu­ally reached across her to open the pas­sen­ger-side door. For vot­ing con­trary to Leser’s ex­pec­ta­tion, he wanted to throw her out of his car. So much for cel­e­brat­ing di­ver­sity, or sup­port­ing a woman’s right to choose. To his credit, Leser even­tu­ally calmed down. He even es­tab­lished a warm friend­ship with his in­de­pen­dent-minded rel­a­tive.

Con­sider this, though. How is it pos­si­ble in a city of nearly five mil­lion to so in­su­late your­self that you have never met a Trump fan? And what might hap­pen if a Trump-ad­mir­ing kid turns up to mow Leser’s lawn?

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