West­ern weak­ness shows

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The say­ing that those who do not learn his­tory are doomed to re­peat it, is be­com­ing ob­vi­ous ev­ery day (“Clos­ing in on booms­day”, 16/9).

It could be ar­gued that the real cause of the re­cent con­flict with North Korea rests pri­mar­ily with the United Na­tions. Since the end of WWII, mil­i­tary lead­ers have had to fight wars with their hands tied behind their backs while politi­cians go about ap­peas­ing var­i­ous war­lords. Once they fum­ble their way into war, they should let the mil­i­tary get on with it.

Korea,Viet­nam and mul­ti­ple other con­flicts have been “set­tled” by ap­pease­ment to sat­isfy politi­cians’ egos. The re­sult is what we are see­ing now by a pow­er­hun­gry despot hellbent on cre­at­ing world war. It seems clear that the UN will ap­pease this clown with a mas­sive amount of fi­nan­cial “sup­port” that will go straight into the regime’s pock­ets.

The West­ern world has a dis­gust­ing his­tory of “win­ning” wars by lin­ing the pock­ets of var­i­ous despots un­der the guise of a peace­ful con­clu­sion to their de­mands. Giv­ing in only shows them just how weak the West­ern world is. Tom, Gold Coast

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