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morn­ing rou­tine to en­sure all his en­er­gies are fo­cused on ten­nis rather than run­ning 5kms be­fore the match.

Lawn’s best were Steve Rus­sell, Ben Honey, Emily Brown and Janelle Hartwig.

Sec­tion 2: Ever­ton’s ro­ta­tion pol­icy is prov­ing to be costly and is con­tin­u­ing to plague them with week to week re­sults.

As last year’s Sec­tion 2 win­ners they were ex­pected to fig­ure once again, but are now strug­gling to hold a place in top four and after an­other de­feat at the hands of top side Myrrhee will find it hard to hold on.

Myrrhee were re­lent­less from the start and con­tin­ued to put the pres­sure on Ever­ton who were un­able to find any rhythm or mo­men­tum.

Cathy Van Berlo, Di Grif­fin and Peter Allen were Myrrhee’s stand­out play­ers, each win­ning 3 sets and for Ever­ton Julie Deretic stood head and shoul­ders above her team­mates play­ing a lone hand and cap­tured 3 sets.

The sur­prise of the round oc­curred at the Barr Re­serve where Corowa steam­rolled Wang Hard­court on their way to a con­vinc­ing 9-3 vic­tory.

Corowa are on a roll and if mo­men­tum and con­fi­dence are the keys to win­ning then look out any team that plays them in the next 3 weeks.

They have put them­selves within strik­ing dis­tance of the top four with a num­ber of con­fi­dence boost­ing per­for­mances lately.

Corowa’s was a team ef­fort and were best served by Hay­ley Thomp­son, Shane Matthews and Don Mills (3 sets each).

Wang Hard­court’s Mar­i­anna Hines, Anna Car­rick, Ja­son Tan and Carmine Adamo bat­tled against the odds and pro­vided some re­sis­tance to the Corowa ma­chine.

Ruther­glen were never in dan­ger of los­ing the points against a lack­lus­tre Wah­gun­yah when they duck egged them.

Wah­gun­yah ap­peared to be an­other league to Ruther­glen and were al­ways chas­ing their tails to play­ing catch up ten­nis.

Ruther­glen ap­pear to have en­trenched them­selves in the top 4 but if they start to be­lieve their own public­ity and get ahead of them­selves they may drop out of the four.

On last week’s per­for­mance it’s hard to see that hap­pen­ing but with 2 teams breath­ing down their necks a small stum­ble may be enough.

Hard to find in­di­vid­ual per­for­mances in the Ruther­glen team but Mitch Carmody, Zavier Tal­bot and He­len Fuge were the best.

Wah­gun­yah had Jake Boyle, Isaac Wenke and Jake God­dard amongst their best and these up and com­ers are Wah­gun­yah’s hope and fu­ture.

Sec­tion 3: Wah­gun­yah con­tinue to go from strength to strength with an­other con­vinc­ing win over Ruther­glen.

Wah­gun­yah’s Dy­lan, Josh, Rob and Corey have gelled well and be­come a for­mi­da­ble team that will take some beat­ing come fi­nals time.

Jack, Sarah, Henry and Emma are de­vel­op­ing quickly and ev­ery week their re­sults are show­ing im­prove­ments and Ruther­glen can count on them con­tin­u­ing to im­prove and be­come the back­bone of the club in the fu­ture.

Corowa didn’t let an op­por­tu­nity slip when they played Woor­agee and gained some per­cent­age with a 5-1 vic­tory.

The num­bers say it was an easy win but Woor­age (Jack, Ea­mon, Con­nor and Lucy) were close to taking the points in an­other cou­ple of sets but the size and ex­pe­ri­ence of Corowa’s Jake, David, Daniel and Aaron was the telling fac­tor in the end.


Sec­tion 1: Chiltern Val­ley 7-80 def Wang Hard­court 5-65, Wang Lawn 10-94 def Corowa 2-57.

Sec­tion 2: Ruther­glen 12-96 def Wah­gun­yah 0-39, Myrrhee 8-82 def Ever­ton 4-68, Corowa 9-85 def Wang Hard­court 3-55.

Sec­tion 3: Wah­gun­yah 5-46 def Ruther­glen 1-18, Corowa 5-44 def Woor­agee 1-29.

Un­der 12: Wah­gun­yah 5-34 def Corowa Blue 1-15, Corowa Red 4-31 def Chiltern 2-18.

Un­der 15: Ruther­glen 3-30 def Wah­gun­yah 4-29, Woor­age All Stars 5-36 def Corowa Blue 2-29, Woor­agee Leg­ends 6-38 def Chiltern 1-18.


Sec­tion 1: Wang Lawn 131, Wang Hard­court 108, Chiltern Val­ley 99, Corowa 82.

Sec­tion 2: Myrrhee 130, Wang Hard­court 120, Ruther­glen 108, Ever­ton 99, Corowa 94, Wah­gun­yah 49, Boorhaman 3.

Sec­tion 3: Wah­gun­yah 98, Corowa 79, Ruther­glen 46, Woor­agee 17.

Un­der 12: Wah­gun­yah 72, Corowa Blue 45, Corowa Red 42.5, Chiltern 24.5.

Un­der 15: Woor­agee All Stars 65, Ruther­glen 55, nWoor­agee Leg­ends 50, Corowa Red 46, Corowa Blue 42, Wah­gun­yah 37, Chiltern 2.

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