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Mon­day Night - Round 8

The Jaguars lost to the Rebels with only the 3’s play­ing. Matt Menz lost to Michael Leth­bridge in 3 games, 4 points to 27 points. The Spi­ders lost to the Demons 0 rub­bers to 3 rub­bers as the 4’s didn’t play. Jim McGrath lost to Mark Nes­bitt in 3 games, 14 points to 27 points. Stephen Blain lost to Damien Plem­ing 1 game 34 points to 3 games 38 points. Sam Doyle lost to John Kostiw 1 game 18 points to 3 games 33 points. The Swans beat the Tigers 3 rub­bers to 1. John Plem­ing beat Danny Green 3 games 40 points to 2 games 28 points. Bryce Stones lost to Jane Bromwich 1 game 20 points to 3 games 30 points. He­len Fuge beat Sam Green 3 games 32 points to 1 game 13 points. Frank Fitzger­ald beat Michelle Walsh 3 games 31 points to 1 game 13 points.

Thurs­day Night - Round 6

The Lions lost to the Bull­dogs on points with 2 rub­bers each as the ones didn’t play. Danny Green beat Robert Woodward 3 games 56 points to 1 game 38 points. Frank Fitzger­ald lost to Jamie Warner 1 game 34 points to 3 games 58 points. Blake Green lost in 3 games to Michael Leth­bridge 18 points to 45 points. Frankie Goodall beat Ky­ron Smith in 3 games, 45 points to 36 points. The Kan­ga­roos beat the Wom­bats on points with 2 rub­bers each with the 3’s not play­ing. Brett Arnold beat Jim McGrath in 3 games, 45 points to 33 points. Bryce Stones beat Ja­son McGrath 3 games to 53 points to 2 games 30 points. James Stra­chan lost to Sean Doughty in 3 games, 38 points to 45 points. Bella Green lost to Jarred Hug­gins in 3 games, 29 points to 45 points. The Echid­nas beat the Emus 3 rub­bers to 1 with the 1’s not play­ing. Travis Smith won on a for­feit from Tony Doughty. Matt Menz lost to He­len Fuge in 3 games, 26 points to 45 points. Chris Reilly beat Zar­van O’Keefe in 3 games, 45 points to 29 points. Bree re­served for Shelly Rolton and beat Lach­lan who re­served for Brad Young, 3 games 53 points to 1 game 48 points.

The Corowa An­glers Club’s next out­ing will be on the week­end of April 27 to 29 at The Shanty and will be a com­pe­ti­tion against our old foes the Dan­de­nong Sport Fish­ing Club.

The club’s ma­jor raf­fle con­sist­ing of a Tan­dem trailer load of wood will be on sale soon so keep an eye out for mem­bers sell­ing tick­ets.

Lo­cally the fish­ing has slowed a lit­tle but with some warm days still around it should pick up again.

Good Fish­ing Mul­let

CDHBU hosted How­long at Coreen on Satur­day with the Spi­ders win­ning the three grades of foot­ball.

Awards: U17’s Guy Street Store - Blair Smith; Sport­spower - Alex Lavis; Thurs­day Meal - An­thony Car­roll; Coaches Award - Jack Hall; Civic Café - Damir O’Keefe Re­serves New­mar­ket Mug - Sam Sarah; In­cen­tive - Lloyd Lohse. In­cen­tive - Cam Dut­ton; Rhodes Brick­lay­ing - Jake Boyle; Thurs­day Meal - Jesse O’Donoghue; Golf Club - Jakob Han­ra­han. Se­niors Sam’s Mug - Kane Mills; Ho­tel Aus­tralia - John Webb; Club Mul­wala - tom Webb; Lew Brind­ley - Tim Cooper; Golf Club - Jack Wynne; Club Note - this week the Power travel to Henty.

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