A Grade on the back foot

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A Grade suf­fered their third-straight de­feat af­ter go­ing down by 11 runs to Bar­nawartha/ Chiltern in their clash at Bar­nawartha. C Grade

With a hand­ful of play­ers un­avail­able, young­ster Ryan Bev­eridge made his de­but and vet­er­ans Scott Wil­son and Shane Nor­man came in to help out.

Los­ing the toss, the Roos were asked to bowl first. Matt Gran­tham and Joe Hansen made early break­throughs to have the Min­ers at 2/16. The Min­ers bat­ted sen­si­bly, push­ing the score to 57 be­fore Daniel Athani­tis struck in his first over.

The Min­ers of­fered some chances but the Roos didn’t take them, as the Min­ers got into a strong po­si­tion at 3/126 with eight overs re­main­ing.

Joe Hansen bowled well to take two more wick­ets and Kae­lan Bradtke took three wick­ets but the Min­ers were able to score an­other 45 runs as they fin­ished their 45 overs at 8/171.

Hansen bowled well to take 3/30 off eight overs, while Bradtke took 3/47 off his nine overs. Spin­ners Daniel Athani­tis and Luke Back­house bowled with­out luck to take 1/20 and 0/28 re­spec­tively off their nine overs.

In re­ply, Shane Nor­man was lost early for six, with the Roos stuck on 1/8. Nathan Rhodes looked com­fort­able as he pushed the score along to 39 be­fore he went out for 25.

But with his dis­missal, the Roos lost an­other two quick wick­ets to fall 4/42. Young­ster Jor­dan Ey­ers (27) and Ryan Bev­eridge (13) bat­ted sen­si­bly adding 60 valu­able runs but when both were dis­missed with the score at 102, the Roos looked in trou­ble at 6/102 with 13 overs to go.

Some great run­ning be­tween the wick­ets by Bradtke and Hansen got the Roos to 155 be­fore Bradtke was caught on the bound­ary for 16.

Need­ing 13 off the last over, Hansen was run out for 14 as the Roos were dis­missed for 160.

The Roos have a very big game this week against Yackan­dan­dah at Ball Park. The team needs a win to get their sea­son back on track so get down and sup­port them this Satur­day.

C Grade had a hard-fought three-wicket vic­tory over North Al­bury in their clash at Ball Park.

With B Grade hav­ing the bye, the C graders were able to take the field at Ball Park. Bowl­ing first, all the bowlers bowled well with Danny Os­borne the pick of the bowlers tak­ing 3/11 off six overs. He was well sup­ported by Bai­ley Minogue with 2/18 and Darcy Melk­sham with 2/24 as the boys bowled out North Al­bury for 128 in the 35th over.

In re­ply, the Roos lost last week’s cen­tury maker Liam McDonell early along with Liam Carter and Darcy Melk­sham to be on 3/20.

Billy Raggett bat­ted well mak­ing 45 but when he was dis­missed, the Roos lost their way as they fell 7/89 with still 40 runs needed.

Young­sters Bai­ley Minogue and Lachy Raggett were the he­roes as they safely guided the team home, with Minogue mak­ing the match­win­ning 38 with Raggett also hold­ing up his end, mak­ing seven, and hand­ing the Roos vic­tory in the 30th over on a score of 7/131.

This week sees the side take on St Pa­tricks at Xavier Oval No. 2.

The Club would like to ac­knowl­edge our spon­sors for this sea­son: Corowa RSL Club, Ho­tel Aus­tralia, David Lane Builder, Corowa Home Im­prove­ments, John Rhodes Brick­lay­ing, Sport­spower Corowa, David­son White, Dunns Twin City Cranes, Ki­lara Group Corowa, Meat on the Mur­ray, Stock­dale and Logo Corowa, Corowa Bak­ery, Pharmasave, Law­son Grains, BWS, Potts and Sch­nelle, Corowa Tree Care, GenTech Seeds, Bartletts Corowa Gas, Ori­gin Cloth­ing, Brian Eales Paint­ing, Health Cul­ture, Wool­worths Corowa as well as the sup­port of the Fed­er­a­tion Coun­cil.

Toss won by Corowa Blue, East Al­bury bat­ted first

Corowa Blue – 1st in­nings

J Al­lan c and b M Walker

L Ch­ester b C Sawyer

B Ey­ers b M Walker

D Ryland c M Walker b OC Ay­ton J Forge not out

N McSweeney b M Walker

A Wynne re­tired not out 0 0 2 6 32 0 2 HR Baker c and b C Skil­licorn 4 T Ab­ley not out 17 J Moloney b C Sawyer 3 Ex­tras (nb 6, w 24, b 2, lb 0) 31 Overs: 20 To­tal: 7/98 (cc) FOW: 0 (J Al­lan) 2 (B Ey­ers) 4 (L Ch­ester) 39 (N McSweeney) 51 (HR Baker) 60 (J Moloney) 70 (D Ryland).

BOWL­ING: M Walker 3/0/2/15; M Shep­herd 2/0/1/8; E Haber­field 3/0/0/11; C Skil­licorn 2/0/1/14; C Sawyer 2/0/1/15; OC Ay­ton 2/0/0/9; R Frazer 2/0/1/6; A Har­rap 2/0/0/11; DS Green O 2/0/0/9.

East Al­bury – 1st in­nings

Ex­tras: (nb 0, w 4, b 4, lb 12) 20 Overs: 20 To­tal: 6/95 (cc) BOWL­ING: T Ab­ley 2/0/0/11; L Ch­ester 2/0/0/3; J Moloney 2/0/1/6; D Ryland 2/0/1/11; J Al­lan 2/0/0/7; N McSweeney 2/0/0/15; A Wynne 2/0/0/7; HR Baker 2/0/0/15; B Ey­ers 2/0/0/7; J Forge 2/0/2/10.

Toss won by New City, New City bat­ted first Corowa Blue – 1st in­nings

L Raggett re­tired not out

R Al­lan re­tired not out

R Glare re­tired not out

R Blain re­tired not out

B Lewis b I Bush c DA Har­vey

A Smith c M He­riot

J Bid­dle re­tired not out

J Fuge not out

J Bol­ger not out

J Al­lan dnb

C Blain dnb

Ex­tras: (nb 2, w 4, b 6, lb 0) 12 Overs: 20 To­tal: 3/109 (cc) FOW: 73 (B lewis) 95 (a smith) 96 (I Bush). New City – 1st in­nings

Ex­tras: (nb 3, w 6, b 4, lb 0) 13 Overs: 20 To­tal: 4/72 (cc) BOWL­ING: B Lewis 3/0/1/5; I Bush 3/0/0/10; L Raggett 2/0/0/8; R Blain 2/1/0/3; R Al­lan 2/0/1/6; J Fuge 2/0/0/9; R Glare 2/0/1/4; A Smith 2/1/0/10; J Bid­dle 2/0/1/13. 23 19 15 17 4 4 2 3 6

Toss won by Corowa White, Corowa White bat­ted first

Corowa White – 1st in­nings

P Lavis c F Kohlha­gen b C Ziebarth 4 E Han­ra­han re­tired not out 32 N Har­vey

N Lavis

J Eales

M Parker

J Lavis

S Daw­son

H Bar­ber

C Con­nell

J Bruce

B Ju­lian


Overs: 20

East Al­bury – 1st in­nings

Ex­tras: (nb 1, w 22, b 1, lb 0) 24 Overs: 20 To­tal: 9/124 (cc) BOWL­ING: P Lavis 3/0/0/7; N Lavis 3/0/0/12; N Har­vey 3/0/2/15; J Lavis 2/0/0/16; E Han­ra­han 2/0/1/11; S Daw­son 2/0/0/15; B Ju­lian 2/0/1/22; J Eales 2/0/2/13; J Bruce 1/0/1/12. b C McGrath 10 c C Ziebarth b T Kohlha­gen 25 not out 12 b H Grigg 5 b N Spry 0 not out 13 b H Grigg 1 b H Grigg 0 c OL Hayes b S Mishra 4 dnb

(nb 7, w 5, b 14, lb 0) 26

To­tal: 8/133 (cc)

Toss won by East Al­bury, Corowa C.C bat­ted first

Corowa C.C – 1st in­nings

A Lavis c M He­mann-Petersen

b CH San­son 0 R Bev­eridge run out 10 L Heag­ney c H Wat­son b A Thomas 1 MP Bush b CH San­son 0 W Sey­mour c and b H Wat­son 13 G Sut­cliffe b N Path­manathan 10 P Blain st M He­mann-Petersen

b H Wat­son 8 R Heag­ney not out 5 C Kush­ert c EJ Hol­lard

b N Path­manathan 0 W Ju­lian c A Thomas b H Wat­son 0 R Ey­ers c CH San­son b A Thomas 13 J Vil­lanueva dnb

Ex­tras: (nb 0, w 0, b 0, lb 0) 0 Overs: 13.5 To­tal: 60 FOW: 0 (A Lavis) 10 (MP Bush) 10 (R Bev­eridge) 14 (L Heag­ney) 26 (W Sey­mour) 42 (P Blain) 42 (G Sut­cliffe) 42 (c kush­ert) 43 (W Ju­lian) 60 (R Ey­ers).

East Al­bury – 1st in­nings

Ex­tras: (nb 2, w 10, b 1, lb 0) 13 Overs: 20 To­tal: 5/107 (cc) BOWL­ING: C Kuschert 3/0/0/23; G Sut­cliffe 4/0/2/22; R Ey­ers 3/1/1/15; P Blain 2/0/0/15; J Vil­lanueva 2/0/0/11; R Heag­ney 2/1/0/7; L Heag­ney 3/0/2/10; W Sey­mour 1/0/0/3.

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