Is a pic­ture re­ally worth a thou­sand words?

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The an­swer is of course! A pic­ture cre­ates the mo­ment in time. It tells a story of that time, a mo­ment in your life - your his­tory. A pic­ture cre­ates emo­tions. It opens our hearts and shows you the love you have in your world. Hum­ming­bird Pic­tures’s - Rayleen Slegers be­lieves this to be the essence of all pho­tog­ra­phy. Life moves so fast that we for­get our yes­ter­days be­cause we are al­ways look­ing for­ward. Be­fore we know it, our life has changed so much and the mo­ments have al­ready past that have made a huge change or im­pact in our life. “Be­lieve me hav­ing twins 13 years ago has made me re­alise how quickly life moves on!”

Life is all about the con­nec­tions we make with the peo­ple who come in and out of our lives. These con­nec­tions are what makes us who weare. Hav­ing a pho­tog­ra­phy ses­sion is a great way to con­nect with your loved ones and cap­ture it to be re­mem­bered for­ever.

Ev­ery cou­ple has a con­nec­tion that is un­like any other, it is unique to them as two peo­ple that have joined into one. Hum­ming­bird Pic­tures aims to un­der­stand that con­nec­tion and cap­ture that con­nec­tion in an im­age or se­ries of images that you can look at and say ‘that is us’.

By spend­ing time get­ting to know you, talk­ing and lis­ten­ing, Rayleen learns and works with you to find the real con­nec­tion. She will dis­cuss what you want in your images. Work on the best lo­ca­tion to take those images. Learn who and why You are You. Once the images are cre­ated you’ll see and know this is you.

Rayleen will make sure that you have those mo­ments cap­tured for­ever to see. The images of your life will be your his­tory, your story, your life!

Hum­ming­bird Pic­tures for the times in your life that need to be re­mem­bered.

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