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SPIRIT IS WILL­ING, BUT THE FILM IS WEAK, UKAUSTRALIA, 120 MIN For rea­sons too po­lit­i­cal, the­o­log­i­cal and just plain mean to go into here, a Jewish woman known as Mary of Mag­dala has had her good name cop a bad rap in the his­tory books for over 2000 years. While this movie does a fine job of defin­ing Mary’s mo­tives as she moved through the in­ner cir­cle of Je­sus Christ, it is also a re­li­gious drama so dour and dreary that you start won­der­ing if there is a God. Mary is played with a bare min­i­mum of ex­pres­sion and an un­fea­si­ble num­ber of wist­ful stares into the dis­tance by Rooney Mara. There are a hand­ful of scenes where Mara is able to con­vey the quest­ing in­tel­lect and deep con­vic­tion of her char­ac­ter, which raises the sus­pi­cion that the sparse screen­play has been too stripped back in cer­tain sec­tions. Not sure what some de­vout view­ers will make of Joaquin Phoenix here, who plays Je­sus as a cross be­tween The Dude from

The Big Le­bowski and a guy who en­joys start­ing con­ver­sa­tions with strangers on pub­lic trans­port. Di­rected by Garth Davis ( Lion).

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