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As amaz­ing as it’s been to eat choco­late eggs for break­fast for the past two weeks, your skin prob­a­bly wouldn’t agree. Break­outs can be your com­plex­ion’s way of protest­ing, but even those who fol­low the strictest rou­tines and treat their body like a tem­ple can be struck by pim­ples. In these cir­cum­stances a cheeky cover-up is called for.

YouTu­ber Jes­sica Bun­trock has be­come an ex­pert in se­vere skin prob­lems af­ter her own bat­tle with acne. If any­one knows how to ef­fec­tively cover a break­out, it’s her.

“Don’t let a sin­gle (well-mean­ing) per­son tell you not to paint your face,” she says.

“These days, make-up brands are fully aware of the dis­as­trous for­mu­la­tions of the past, and their new for­mu­las do not, I re­peat, do not clog pores. As long as you’re buy­ing for your skin type and cleans­ing at the end of the day, your skin will not suf­fer.”

At the end of the day, your con­fi­dence and how you feel is what mat­ters, and if cov­er­ing a blem­ish makes you feel bet­ter, then go for it.

“Start your anti-spot mis­sion with some green con­cealer,” Jess says.

“Green works to coun­ter­act the red in­flam­ma­tion of the skin, so if you have more ex­ten­sive red­ness, you may want to ap­ply a colour-cor­rect­ing primer, such as the Mire­nesse Col­la­gen Cush­ion.

“Blend out the green make-up gen­tly over the spot, fad­ing it into your skin — blend­ing is key. If you leave a bright green dot on your face, it will show through your foun­da­tion.”

Blend­ing is the act of gen­tly cov­er­ing an area un­til it’s cam­ou­flaged with your skin tone. Once you’ve com­pleted this step, it’s time to build on your base with foun­da­tion.

“Ap­ply a medium to full cov­er­age foun­da­tion over your spot and en­tire face us­ing a damp sponge,” Jess says.

“The sponge ap­pli­ca­tion is im­por­tant, as a brush could drag your green con­cealer across your face, or worse, cause an erup­tion.

“My favourite sponges are by Real Tech­niques and I love the cov­er­age and stay­ing power of InClinic Per­fect Base Min­eral Matte Foun­da­tion.”

If that hasn’t done the trick yet, it’s OK to keep lay­er­ing.

“If you still see some red­ness pok­ing through, feel free to ap­ply a small amount of your favourite (not green) con­cealer over your foun­da­tion, and gen­tly blend it out us­ing a sponge,” Jess says.

“Build cov­er­age slowly, and use only what you need — we’re not com­pet­ing with the Kar­dashi­ans here!”

To avoid a shiny or oily re­sult, the last step is a pow­der.

“Set your gor­geous mug with a fluffy brush and pow­der,” Jess says. “Per­son­ally, I like a bit of ex­tra cov­er­age, so I al­ways fall on an old faith­ful, Aus­tralis Fresh and Flaw­less Pressed Pow­der. Avoid mess­ing up your make-up by ap­ply­ing the pow­der in a dab­bing mo­tion, sim­i­lar to how you used the sponge.”

While good skin­care is ob­vi­ously the ideal sce­nario, next time you have a break­out, don’t sub­mit to its evil reign – get proac­tive and get your con­fi­dence back.

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