Dawn breaks new ground

Twi­light’s lead­ing men talk about the fi­nal chap­ter of the se­ries that made them stars, writes Maria Lewis

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TEAM Ed­ward. Team Ja­cob. The char­ac­ters have split fe­male au­di­ences into teams and helped feed the fan frenzy of Twi­hards around the world.

For Robert Pat­tin­son, 25, and Tay­lor Laut­ner, 19, Ed­ward and Ja­cob are the char­ac­ters that made them Hol­ly­wood heart throbs.

Now, the sec­ond-last film in the bil­lion-dol­lar fran­chise marks the be­gin­ning of the end for the males in the Twi­light love tri­an­gle, adored as much for their abs as their act­ing.

Re­leased to­day, The Twi­light Saga: Break­ing Dawn – Part 1, be­gins the year-long count­down to the end of the film phe­nom­e­non.

Di­rected by Os­car-win­ning film­maker Bill Con­don, Break­ing Dawn – Part 1 fea­tures some of the most an­tic­i­pated scenes among fans of Stephe­nie Meyer’s best-sell­ing book se­ries. From Bella (Kris­ten Ste­wart) and Ed­ward’s (Pat­tin­son) wed­ding to were­wolf pack ri­val­ries, Laut­ner says he sym­pa­thises with fans as it was too hard to pick a sin­gle, favourite mo­ment.

‘‘I’ve al­ways been able to choose one out of each of the movies, but this one I couldn’t,’’ he says.

‘‘There’s so much go­ing on in this movie and all of the char­ac­ters are deal­ing with their own lit­tle things – es­pe­cially Ja­cob. He changes so much from be­gin­ning to end.’’

The two Break­ing Dawn films, see Laut­ner’s Ja­cob Black go through per­haps the big­gest trans­for­ma­tions of any of the Twi­light char­ac­ters.

‘‘The most in­ter­est­ing thing about Ja­cob in this movie is from the

The Twi­light Saga: Break­ing Dawn – Part 1 be­gin­ning to the end, he be­comes a to­tally dif­fer­ent per­son,’’ he says.

‘‘At the start he’s im­ma­ture. He doesn’t han­dle sit­u­a­tions very well. Through­out the course (of it) he’s forced to be­come a man, to ma­ture.’’

The fi­nal two films cer­tainly deal with more adult is­sues than their pre­de­ces­sors, with every­thing from sex scenes to a bloody birth.

Laut­ner says it was ‘‘chal­leng­ing’’ to try to por­tray the con­nec­tion he has with Bella and Ed­ward’s child.

‘‘I was pretty ner­vous about im­print­ing. I was given an X on the wall to look at and pre­tend it was the baby and I thought ‘there isn’t an ideal sce­nario here’,’’ he says.

Pat­tin­son was ner­vous for en­tirely dif­fer­ent rea­sons.

‘‘Em­bar­rass­ingly, the thing I was most ner­vous about was tak­ing my shirt off,’’ he says.

‘‘So much of the books are about Ed­ward’s body and I man­aged to avoid that for most of the movies. But in Break­ing Dawn, it’s like ev­ery three pages. When they wanted me to go swim­ming (on the hon­ey­moon) I was like ‘can I keep my shirt on? Can I wear a one­sie or some­thing?’.’’

Pat­tin­son and Laut­ner fin­ished work on the Break­ing Dawn films more than 12 months ago.

But has the Saga re­ally been staked in the heart? Fol­low­ing the re­lease of a Bree Tan­ner spin-off novella last year, spec­u­la­tion is rife Meyer might con­tinue the se­ries.

Pat­tin­son says he would hap­pily re­turn to the role of Ed­ward one day.

Con­don says Meyer says ‘‘it’s the end of the Bella and Ed­ward story’’.

‘‘But there are so many char­ac­ters, I sus­pect she’ll want to re­visit them.’’

The Twi­light Saga: Break­ing Dawn – Part 1 opens to­day.

Ex­pec­tant par­ents: Robert Pat­tin­son and Kris­ten Ste­wart in a scene from

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