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Tower Heist

THE Bernie Mad­off saga as a smart ca­per com­edy? Im­pos­si­ble, you say. Tower Heist proves you wrong. A cun­ningly en­gi­neered movie that’s as much fun as Ocean’s 11, Tower Heist is the tale of a Renoir of rip-off who matches skills with free­wheel­ing, im­pro­vi­sa­tional ri­vals – the Jack­son Pol­locks of plun­der. At a lux­ury res­i­den­tial build­ing sim­ply called the Tower (though its ac­tual name, the Trump In­ter­na­tional Ho­tel and Tower, is clearly vis­i­ble in one scene), a du­ti­ful build­ing man­ager (Ben Stiller) has won the friend­ship of one of the wealth­i­est res­i­dents – an in­vestor (Alan Alda) who swims on the top of the build­ing in a pool dec­o­rated with the im­age of a gi­ant $100 bill. Arthur Shaw (Alda) isn’t quite as ge­nial as he seems, though: He’s been run­ning a fraud­u­lent in­vest­ment scheme, so un­der the all-see­ing eye of an FBI agent (Tea Leoni), he is forced to stay home, un­der (pent)house ar­rest. Josh (Ben Stiller) is in­clined to give him the ben­e­fit of the doubt un­til he learns Shaw has been spend­ing the life sav­ings of all of the build­ing ser­vants, gofers, door­men and clean­ing ladies. Josh de­cides to find Shaw’s se­cret stash of $20 mil­lion or so and give it to his vic­tims. He re­cruits sev­eral in­ept ama­teurs, in­clud­ing a bank­rupt Wall Streeter (Matthew Brod­er­ick); a cheer­ful el­e­va­tor op­er­a­tor (Michael Pena); and a slightly clue­less concierge (Casey Af­fleck). A Ja­maican maid (a very funny Gabourey Sidibe) turns out to be an ex­pert safe­cracker be­cause her dad was in the trade. No one in this band of ‘‘Robin Hood and his merry door­men’’, as some­one de­scribes them, has any heist ex­pe­ri­ence, so Josh turns to his neigh­bour and former child­hood friend Slide (Ed­die Mur­phy) to di­rect the break-in. The movie is a lit­tle slow to get started, but the care it in­vests in all these char­ac­ter in­tro­duc­tions pays off with in­ter­est, and once we know ev­ery­one, they play bril­liantly off one an­other. Nor­mally, ca­per movies fall apart as they go along, but this one gets stronger and stronger on the way to a per­fect end­ing.

– KYLE SMITH, The New York Post

Tower Heist opens on Mon­day (Box­ing Day).

Top team: Ben Stiller, Ed­die Mur­phy, Matthew Brod­er­ick and Gabourey Sidibe in

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