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7.40pm, Nine, NBN

G. 2006. Cute an­i­mated fam­ily film about a put-upon kid who turns a hose on ants in his gar­den. The ants get even by shrink­ing him to their size. It’s all good fun though never quite as ex­hil­a­rat­ing as some of the other an­i­mated of­fer­ings. Ni­co­las Cage, Ju­lia Roberts. 8.30pm, One

M. 2005. Lack­lus­tre su­per­nat­u­ral thriller with nurse Kate Hud­son ac­cept­ing a job to look af­ter the frail John Hurt in a gothic man­sion. It fea­tures the in­evitable at­tic – Hud­son is told not to en­ter but she does. Not much of this adds up to any­thing re­sem­bling sus­pense and Hud­son’s nurse would be lucky to hold down a job. 9.30pm, Nine, NBN

M. 2008. Tautly di­rected Aus­tralian thriller with Travis Fim­mell as a psy­cho­pathic killer and Theresa Palmer as his none-too-bright sexy girl­friend who in­vade the home of a wealthy ago­ra­phobe. Know­ing his only hope is to use his wits against the two, the prisoner con­cocts a scheme that prom­ises to make them rich. Can he turn the ta­bles? 9.15pm, SBS ONE

M. 2009. Riv­et­ing true-life tale of es­pi­onage, set dur­ing the Rea­gan years, with small-time businessman Guil­laime Canet as the un­likely con­duit for a Soviet spy, leak­ing dev­as­tat­ing in­tel­li­gence to the West. Des­per­ate to es­cape his predica­ment, he is forced to con­tinue, risk­ing his life and ru­in­ing his mar­riage. All more re­mark­able be­cause it ac­tu­ally hap­pened. Emir Kus­turica.

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