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RAMMY Award-win­ning singer-song­writer Michael Bolton, 59, has sold more than 53 mil­lion al­bums world­wide. The 2011 Peo­ple Mag­a­zine ‘‘Sex­i­est man in his 50s’’ and fa­ther of three will launch his 2012 Aus­tralian or­ches­tra tour on the Gold Coast when he chris­tens the re­fur­bished Jupiters Theatre on April 14.

Speak­ing ahead of what will be his only Queens­land show, Bolton talks about his new dou­ble CD, why he thinks some tal­ent show win­ners have dif­fi­culty sus­tain­ing ca­reers, and how a Satur­day Night Live sketch turned him into an in­ter­net phe­nom­e­non. Michael, how did you choose your favourite tracks for new dou­ble CD

It’s a mix and it’s var­ied at dif­fer­ent times and dif­fer­ent stages. There’s an es­sen­tials pack­age and Sony will send me pho­tos and say, ‘We’re putting to­gether this pack­age, how do you feel about the track se­lec­tion?’ Some­times I’ll be a lit­tle more pre­cious than oth­ers and I’ll say, ‘Well this has been done al­ready’ and I’ll ask ques­tions, but they’ve done such a great job with the cat­a­logue, which is ba­si­cally my legacy and the work we had tremen­dous suc­cess with. Tell us a lit­tle about the duets project

I had the op­por­tu­nity to merge When A Man Loves A Woman with It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World, with Seal on this record live. That was be­cause (pro­ducer) David Foster had the idea. He cre­ated an ar­range­ment where the songs segue into each other. Seal and I got to sing to­gether and hit it off and we might do some tour­ing on the road to­gether. The same thing hap­pened with The Prayer – that’s a Foster mas­ter­piece. The first ver­sion was Ce­line Dion and An­drea Bo­celli. I’ve al­ways loved the song and I did the song with Lara Fabian, who flew in just for that. How did you ap­proach Eva Cas­sidy’s

duet? I had to go to the fam­ily and say, ‘I’m a huge fan and would love to turn her ver­sion of Fields Of Gold into a duet. How would you feel about that?’ They loved the idea, and I told them David Foster would be pro­duc­ing and we would be ex­tremely re­spect­ful. The 1989 al­bum turned you into a su­per­star. Did you have a feel­ing that would be the project to change your life?

If I had a feel­ing it was that it was a strong record, but you have to un­der­stand it was 18 years be­fore that I had my first record deal. I was 16. I hadn’t had a hit un­til I was 34. I had so many close calls. I don’t think I had the nerve or stu­pid­ity to think, ‘Yeah, this is it. This is go­ing to be the big one’. For­tu­nately it was. We went from 400,000 al­bums on (pre­vi­ous al­bum) The Hunger to 10 mil­lion al­bums on Soul Provider . Do you think you han­dled suc­cess bet­ter at 34 than you would have done 10 years ear­lier?

There’s no doubt about that. I never re­gret the years it took to fi­nally have the suc­cess.

Why do you think some singers in re­al­ity

There are some re­ally tal­ented singers who have their one sea­son in the spot­light and the big­gest means of reach­ing the most mas­sive au­di­ence in the world. A year later they’re kind of lost, and it’s not be­cause they don’t have the tal­ent. It’s be­cause there’s a whole process that’s now miss­ing that used to be called artist de­vel­op­ment. In the years of my strug­gles, my artist de­vel­op­ment was with five dif­fer­ent record la­bels. They were try­ing to work with me; teach me; work­ing with A&R peo­ple, but when the song­writ­ing took off, that was prob­a­bly the great­est ed­u­ca­tion for me, be­cause that’s when you re­alise that’s the lifeblood of the in­dus­try: songs. Your video had more than 74 mil­lion on­line hits. Pre­sum­ably it also at­tracted a new wave of fans?

Ab­so­lutely. That was so much fun, it was in­sane. Some of my big­gest hits on Youtube did 12 to 14 mil­lion views tops. This thing was a mil­lion a day. How did your col­lab­o­ra­tion with The Lonely Is­land come about?

It took eight months to de­velop a song that I could do. The guys had some re­ally funny ideas, but the lan­guage which some of them used was hys­ter­i­cal to me, but was not go­ing to be funny to some of my fans, par­tic­u­larly in the mid­west, where they just don’t get the Lonely Is­land guys. I found a stu­dio in At­lanta, went in, did it. They were on via Skype and pro­duced it. The night of the screen­ing on Satur­day Night Live, (The Lonely Is­land’s) John Mayer said to me, ‘To­mor­row you’re go­ing to have fans who never even knew you made records. They’re go­ing to go nuts over this’. I don’t know how he knew, but he was right. I’m high-fiv­ing col­lege kids in the airports these days who have be­come big fans.

Michael Bolton plays Jupiters Ho­tel & Casino on Satur­day.

is out now.

shows such as and have trou­ble sus­tain­ing ca­reers? Michael Bolton.

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