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Noon, Gem

PG. 1960. Dis­turb­ing film about trade union pres­sure on a young worker who holds out against a strike and is sent to Coven­try by his hos­tile work­mates. Good per­for­mances and taut direc­tion by Bryan Forbes made this one of the most pow­er­ful Bri­tish films of the early ’60s. Richard At­ten­bor­ough, Pier An­geli. 8.30pm, One

M. 2005. Some 400 years hence, brunet­te­be­wigged, jump­suited Char­l­ize Theron is a rebel in a dis­ease-dec­i­mated fu­ture when what’s left of the pop­u­la­tion live in a gated com­mu­nity con­trolled by a benev­o­lent dic­ta­tor. Based on a dull car­toon se­ries, there’s lit­tle dis­tinc­tion be­tween the an­i­mated char­ac­ters and the ac­tors por­tray­ing them. 8.30pm, Show­time Pre­miere

M. 2010. Cou­ple’s week­end in LA turns into a night­mare when blue lights rain down from the sky and tankers, drones and hy­dra­like ma­chines in­vade the city. Of in­ter­est to real sci-fi fan­boys since it was directed by Colin Strause, a spe­cial-ef­fects guru who over­saw The Avengers and Iron Man 2. Eric Bal­four. 9.30pm, SBS TWO

M. 2002. Tale of twin sis­ters, sep­a­rated by fate and then by war, is given the Danielle Steel treat­ment, but may in­ter­est fans of grand fam­ily epics. The girls are shown at var­i­ous stages of life, liv­ing apart and grow­ing up dif­fer­ently. Thekla Reuten and Nadja Uhl are great but the cliched story is a dis­ap­point­ment.

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