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8.30pm, One

M. 2008. M. Night Shya­malan strikes again, this time with an apoc­a­lyp­tic drama in which peo­ple be­gin killing them­selves for no ap­par­ent rea­son. Story floun­ders but the im­ages Shya­malan projects are graphic and dis­turb­ing. 9.35pm, SBS TWO

M. 2009. Turn-ofthe-19th-Cen­tury Chi­nese bank­ing dy­nasty needs an heir but there’s only one – a good-for-noth­ing son of the prin­ci­pal. He turns out to be bet­ter than his fam­ily ex­pects, but dis­agrees with his fa­ther about busi­ness and – worse – has the hots for his step­mother.Hong Kong pe­riod piece. Aaron Kwok, Zhang Tielin. 11pm, Seven, Prime7

M. 2008. Mad­cap Coen Bros com­edy about dis­grun­tled CIA agent John Malkovich, whose tell-all mem­oirs end up in the hands of dopey gym em­ploy­ees Brad Pitt and Frances McDor­mand, who ill-ad­vis­edly try to black­mail him. Ge­orge Clooney is around as the sex-ob­sessed lover of both McDor­mand and Malkovich’s wife. Some good chuck­les. 11.10pm, Ten, Ten SC

M. 2005. Ge­orge A. Romero re­turns with his fourth zom­bie movie, in which the last re­main­ing hu­mans are bar­ri­caded against the roam­ing un­dead. A script rich with satire has Denis Hopper as the head hon­cho run­ning a kind of cor­po­ra­tion while servile work­ers cull the zom­bies on their be­half. Too good to be rel­e­gated to this un­earthly hour. John Leguizamo.

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