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Hold on to your hats as road-tests the top 10 most­loved rides you too can ex­pe­ri­ence at Gold Coast theme parks

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5. GREEN LANTERN COASTER, MOVIE WORLD: Thrillseek­ers can ex­pe­ri­ence the steep­est in­verted drop on a roller-coaster in Aus­tralia.

1. GI­ANT DROP, DREAM­WORLD: This scream ma­chine is the win­ner in the white-knuckle stakes where height equals fear.

Af­ter a ver­ti­cal as­cent of 119m, the build up to the free fall is beyond ter­ri­fy­ing.

4. BUZ­Z­SAW, DREAM­WORLD: This ride is the high­est you can hang up­side down in the south­ern hemi­sphere. At the peak you are dan­gled 15 storeys in the air, be­fore free-fall­ing through a 360-de­gree heart roll and plum­met­ing to the ground at speeds of up to 105km/h. Scary stuff.

2. SU­PER­MAN ES­CAPE, MOVIE WORLD: Rocket to­wards the sun then pitch and dive for the rest of the roller-coaster.

This ride goes from 0 to 100km/h in a mind­spin­ning two sec­onds.

You’ll scream, you’ll laugh, and you’ll ex­pe­ri­ence 760m of ver­ti­cal climbs and weight­less drops.

3. TOWER OF TER­ROR, DREAM­WORLD: Be blasted out of a tun­nel and climb 115m, then tum­ble down the drop back­wards at speeds of up to 160km/h. It’s al­most an out-of-body ex­pe­ri­ence, as you feel like you left your in­sides be­hind af­ter the ini­tial blast.

Plum­met face for­ward at 66km/h on the 120de­gree in­verted drop. Two in­verted spins round out the ex­treme jour­ney.

8. THE WIPE OUT, DREAM­WORLD: Feel like you’re be­ing tossed around an an­gry ocean in a small boat. The shak­ing, spin­ning, and in­verted mo­tion will make you dig your fin­ger­nails in to hold on for dear life.

6. THE CLAW, DREAM­WORLD: It’s like swing­ing on a pen­du­lum of a gi­ant grand­fa­ther clock reach­ing speeds of up to 64km/h.

Although there are 90 ter­ri­fy­ing sec­onds of hang time, it’s around the mid­dle of the pack on the fear­fac­tor scale.

7. ARKHAM ASY­LUM, MOVIE WORLD: The 17-year-old Lethal Weapon coaster has been re­vamped and now reaches speeds of up to 85km/h, pulling 4.2Gs.

9. JET RES­CUE, SEA WORLD: Zoom around the track on a jet ski coaster.

It’s fast, reach­ing speeds of 70km/h, but there are no in­ver­sions, so it’s suit­able for younger rid­ers.

10. SHOCK­WAVE, DREAM­WORLD: A new ad­di­tion. Not as scary as some, but one of the most en­joy­able. It spins guests around as they move up and down a sim­u­lated surg­ing wave.

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