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Mitch Dean fell into his role in Chan­nel 10’s dra­mal­ity se­ries writes

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WHY just have drama or re­al­ity when you can have the best of both – dra­mal­ity? That’s what Chan­nel 10 is of­fer­ing view­ers with its new se­ries The Shire. A look inside the lives of the ‘‘hot surfers, vi­va­cious mod­els, girls next door, on-and-off-again cou­ples, love­able rogues and en­trepreneurs’’ of Sydney’s Suther­land Shire.

Com­par­isons have al­ready been made to over­seas re­al­ity shows Jersey Shore and The Only Way is Es­sex but The Shire is aim­ing to present a unique look at the 20-some­thing res­i­dents of this sea­side paradise.

One of them is 23-year-old stone­ma­son Mitch Dean. Dubbed ‘‘The Hot­tie’’ (a ti­tle that makes him chuckle), he’s an af­fa­ble, av­er­age guy who loves to surf but is nurs­ing a bruised heart af­ter a break-up with his long-time love Gabby, who just hap­pens to be one of his Shire co-stars. Were you born and raised in the Suther­land shire, Mitch?

I grew up pretty much all my life in the Shire and I’ve got no com­plaints. It was a per­fect up­bring­ing; you couldn’t ask for any­thing bet­ter. Right now I live in Mi­randa, about two sub­urbs back from Cronulla. How did you be­come part of this show?

I saw a web­site that men­tioned au­di­tions for The Shire and I thought it sounded like fun but I never re­ally had the nerve to au­di­tion for some­thing like that. But a friend of mine called me and said he re­ally wanted to, and he asked if I’d come along to help him out. So I went along but he was run­ning late so I ended up talk­ing to the pro­ducer for 15 min­utes, just hav­ing a chat, and she said to me, ‘‘Look, Mitch, your friend’s run­ning late, we’ve got a lit­tle time, would you mind if I au­di­tioned you?’’. So they put me on tape and the ball started rolling from there. My friend didn’t get a spot so he’s a bit filthy on me now. What did that au­di­tion process in­volve?

There was a ques­tion­naire where they asked you about your­self, your back­ground, the cra­zi­est thing you’d ever done, stuff like that, and then they asked you those ques­tions while tap­ing you to see how you might come across on tele­vi­sion. From there, I was asked ques­tions about my life and my love life. It was a long process but I got the call I was in. And what is the cra­zi­est thing you’ve ever done?

Oh, just the usual: bungy jump­ing in South Africa, sky­div­ing, swim­ming with sharks, you know, the usual. So tell us about the shoot­ing process for Are you fol­lowed and filmed around the clock?

At the start they said, ‘‘You just go live your life, go about your av­er­age day’’. Like a lot of peo­ple, I thought it would be a Jersey Shore- type of thing where we’d all be Mitch Dean says he just hung out with his mates. in the same house but the pro­duc­ers said they weren’t go­ing down that road. They wanted us to just do our thing and they’d fol­low us with cam­eras. So if I wanted to meet up with my mates or take a girl out for din­ner, I’d let the show know and they’d come along and film it as nat­u­rally as pos­si­ble. One of your co-stars is your ex-girl­friend Gabby. How’s that work­ing out for the both of you?

That was the long­est and most se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ship I’d been in, and we weren’t talk­ing around the time of my au­di­tion – we’d been bro­ken up for about six months. A lot of my life at that time was about Gabby – I couldn’t live my life or do my job with­out think­ing about her, and so her name came up a lot when I was talk­ing to the pro­duc­ers. I guess they had to put a face to the name be­cause they couldn’t have me talk­ing about this girl with­out the view­ers hav­ing some idea who she was. They asked me if she’d be in­ter­ested in be­ing on the show and I said she wouldn’t, she’s a bit of a shy girl. But she did a few lit­tle things to be­gin with and ended up just lov­ing it. Were you shown any episodes prior to the pre­miere?

I’ve seen the teaser but I haven’t seen any episodes. From what I’ve seen I think it’s go­ing to be re­ally, re­ally good. Me and my friends, we love to surf, we love beach cul­ture, so that’s our lit­tle story, but there are all sorts of char­ac­ters and sit­u­a­tions peo­ple can re­late to – work stuff, friend­ships, re­la­tion­ships. It’s the real-life drama of ev­ery­day life. So does it feel like your life is about to change in a big way?

Se­ri­ously, the whole thing doesn’t feel real at all. The last few months when we’ve been film­ing, it hasn’t been that much dif­fer­ent from the rest of my life. You do your thing, you hang out with your mates – it’s all a bit of fun. It’s only just now start­ing to sink in. I’m look­ing for­ward to the ride.

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