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lots of young peo­ple, Diesel never felt the need to rebel against his fa­ther’s taste in mu­sic.

In­stead, he shared his dad’s love of blues tunes.

Diesel, aka Mark Li­zotte, grew up lis­ten­ing to his dad’s records, lov­ing bands like The Rolling Stones and the artists who in­flu­enced them, such as Muddy Wa­ters. ‘‘I re­belled by mov­ing out of home at 15, not by lis­ten­ing to dif­fer­ent mu­sic to my par­ents like some kids do,’’ he says.

‘‘I grav­i­tate to­wards the blues and I don’t know why, but it ex­cites me and it’s a part of me. I find it men­ac­ing – and I am al­ways try­ing to get to the essence of what it is.’’

Diesel is back on the road for Hits and Blues Round II fol­low­ing the warm re­sponse to his last tour, Hits and Blues.

This time around, Diesel is show­cas­ing the mu­sic of Muddy Wa­ters. ‘‘When you per­form some­one’s songs, it’s like catch­ing light­ning in a jar – try­ing to get that bal­ance be­tween do­ing it jus­tice and mak­ing it your own,’’ he says.

‘‘It’s ex­tremely dif­fi­cult to get it right. My songs all have their roots in the blues genre and even the ones that don’t at face value still fit into that genre some­how.

‘‘But I al­ways try to put my own spin on songs, oth­er­wise there’s not much point in just copy­ing them out­right – then there is no bal­ance.’’

Diesel ad­mits the amount of time he spends tour­ing has some­times made it dif­fi­cult to come up with ma­te­rial for his cat­a­logue of 13 al­bums.

‘‘I’m al­ways gath­er­ing ideas for the next al­bum as I am record­ing one – it’s a con­tin­ual process which never ends,’’ he says.

Diesel will spar with some of his favourite Muddy Wa­ters cuts, such as Man­nish Boy and Cham­pagne and Reefer, adding his own spin to the cat­a­logue of one of the most in­flu­en­tial blues artists of all time, and prom­ises his blues-in­fused set will in­clude a se­lec­tion of his own tracks. Diesel’s

plays RSL South­port on Satur­day. Tick­ets are $35 to $40.

Diesel is back on the road with a blues-in­fused set that pays trib­ute to Muddy Wa­ters.

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