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The star of hasn’t ruled out a shot at pol­i­tics, writes

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When did it oc­cur to you that you could make a liv­ing and this would be the path you’d take?

When I was about 16. I did a play and there was good re­sponse to it, and I re­alised it was some­thing I re­ally liked. I like ex­plor­ing. I like putting the time into things, but I re­alised there were so many things I cared about and knowl­edge I wanted to ac­quire that be­ing an ex­pert on ev­ery­thing would be a lot of work. That Re­nais­sance-man idea re­ally ap­pealed to me when I was a kid. As an ac­tor, you do get to try a lot of dif­fer­ent things. Those are the things that drove me. I thought this is the way I can do all that I want to try to do or un­der­stand or com­pre­hend or em­brace. You know, I got lucky. You’ve won so many awards. Are they still im­por­tant to you?

It’s hard­ware that says – you can point to it and say to your­self, ‘‘Well, you know what? That wasn’t half bad.’’ It’s nice to be re­minded. You know we are all crea­tures of ‘‘You are only as good as the last job.’’ Do you get the same thrill from do­ing voice work as you do act­ing?

I re­ally do. It’s all about telling sto­ries and find­ing a way to use it. What’s fun about voice work is you have just the voice to tell the story. That’s fun. You lis­ten and try nu­ances. You ap­proach it in a dif­fer­ent way. You change rhythms, you change a cer­tain tim­bre. It’s a unique and very nar­row av­enue by which to tell a story. I love that. The hu­man voice is fan­tas­tic.


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