Most hated . . . and lov­ing it

Ac­tress rev­els in play­ing a spite­ful spin­ster maid, writes

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DOWN­TON Abbey star Siob­han Fin­neran says she gets a kick out of play­ing the most-hated char­ac­ter on the tele­vi­sion pe­riod drama.

The ac­tress, 46, plays Sarah O’Brien, Lady Gran­tham’s schem­ing lady’s maid.

She tells Ra­dio Times: ‘‘I ac­tu­ally have great fun be­ing sniffy to ev­ery­one! I love O’Brien the most when she’s spite­ful and has a bril­liant put­down. She’s a clever lady and a bad en­emy to make.’’

She adds: ‘‘Some peo­ple like to think she was just born bad, but I be­lieve that at some point she has had some dam­age done to her.

‘‘I have in­vented a back story for her, al­though whether that matches what (cre­ator) Ju­lian (Fel­lowes) had in mind, I’m not sure. The fact that she had a nephew and fam­ily she cared about came as a bit of a sur­prise.’’

The Benidorm ac­tress would like to see her al­ter ego find ro­mance: ‘‘O’Brien with a boyfriend would be stu­pen­dous! Who would be brave enough to take her on a date? Kevin Doyle, who plays Moles­ley, and I are al­ways spec­u­lat­ing what our char­ac­ters would be like on a date – it would be hi­lar­i­ous.’’

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Com­ing in 2013,

Siob­han Fin­neran snapped third from the left.

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