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OM Hanks, Halle Berry and their cast mates have put in some se­ri­ous over­time on their gen­rebend­ing film Cloud Atlas.

Hanks, Berry and their co-stars play as many as half a dozen dif­fer­ent characters in the epic tale, which stretches across cen­turies from the mid1800s to the dis­tant fu­ture.

Direc­tors Andy and Lana Wa­chowski and Tom Tyk­wer credit the cast with bring­ing the epic adap­ta­tion of David Mitchell’s novel to life.

‘‘The real courage that this film de­manded was from the ac­tors,’’ Lana Wa­chowski says.

‘‘There are very few movies that ask as much as we asked of the ac­tors.’’

The film also stars Jim Broad­bent, Su­san Saran­don, Hugh Grant, Hugo Weav­ing, Jim Sturgess, Ben Whishaw and Doona Bae.

The ac­tion flits from a Pa­cific sea voy­age in 1849 to a rev­o­lu­tion in the mak­ing in the 22nd cen­tury to a post-apoc­a­lyp­tic land be­set by sav­ages. Hanks’ characters range from a greedy 19th cen­tury doc­tor comb­ing a beach for hu­man teeth dis­carded by can­ni­bals to a mod­ern Bri­tish thug-turned-au­thor and a sim­ple tribesman learn­ing the dark truth of hu­man his­tory cen­turies from now.

Berry’s roles in­clude a jour­nal­ist un­cov­er­ing a nu­clear power con­spir­acy, an el­derly com­poser’s adul­ter­ous wife and a woman lead­ing the rem­nants of earth-bound hu­man­ity to a new home.

The film is a jum­ble of gen­res, with fast-paced ac­tion akin to the Wa­chowski sib­lings’ The Ma­trix movies and Tyk­wer’s Run Lola Run, blend­ing tones and styles from pe­riod drama and crime thriller to slap­stick com­edy and vis­ual-ef­fects spec­ta­cle.

Sturgess says the project was so unique, it felt like ev­ery­one was mak­ing their first film.

‘‘It really felt like ev­ery­one was mak­ing their very first film for the first time be­cause none of us had made a film like this be­fore,’’ he says.

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