Jen’s film strip tease just sad

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YOU’D think Jennifer Anis­ton would be fa­mil­iar with the com­mand ‘‘never go full re­tard’’ since it ap­peared in Tropic Thun­der, a movie co-writ­ten by her boyfriend Justin Th­er­oux. In We’re The Millers how­ever, ev­ery­one goes full ‘‘re­tard’’ while play­ing fa­mously brain-dam­aged folk: Or­di­nary sub­ur­ban Amer­i­cans. In other words? Hol­ly­wood’s cus­tomers. We’ll see who’s the ge­nius when the grosses come in! We’re The Millers is about three un­re­lated dirt­bags and a dork who find them­selves play­ing (ie, hugely over­play­ing) a nor­mal sub­ur­ban fam­ily while driv­ing a load of mar­i­juana back over the bor­der from Mex­ico. But Ja­son Sudeikis in the lead? As a drug dealer who could never hope to pass for a picket-fence type? Please. And to be his pre­tend wife, a skank who would seem hope­lessly out of place in a sit­com? They picked Anis­ton. Hir­ing a thiev­ing run­away (Emma Roberts) and a flus­tered boy (Will Poul­ter) to play their kids, David (Sudeikis) and Rose (Anis­ton) agree to pick up a cou­ple of tons of weed in Mex­ico and drive it to Den­ver to pla­cate a scary drug lord. He’s played by (who else?) Ed Helms. Helms climb­ing to the top of the drug busi­ness is about as easy to pic­ture as him in the Vic­to­ria’s Se­cret cat­a­logue. The movie, di­rected by the for­merly promis­ing Raw­son Mar­shall Thurber (the hi­lar­i­ous Dodge­ball and the aw­ful The Mysteries of Pitts­burgh), thinks it’s sub­vert­ing the con­ven­tions of the sit­com with a rev­o­lu­tion­ary new idea, which is: Do ev­ery­thing ex­actly the way a sit­com would, plus lots of swear­ing and dirty jokes. So, car­ry­ing two tons of pot, nat­u­rally the ‘‘Millers’’ find them­selves get­ting chat­ted up by an­other cou­ple (Kathryn Hahn, Nick Of­fer­man). Guess what? The hubby is a drug cop. And due to a wacky mis­un­der­stand­ing, there’s al­most an orgy. We’re only halfway through the movie when the cap­i­tal-M sit­com Mo­ments be­gin – strummy gui­tar mu­sic, ‘‘Dad’’ teach­ing ‘‘Son’’ about how not to be shy with girls. As for Anis­ton’s much­hyped strip­ping rou­tine (down to her undies), which be­fud­dles a fierce drug dealer who has ap­par­ently never seen boo­bies be­fore, it’s as sad as her hula dance in Just Go With It. For young ac­tresses to dis­robe in ex­change for at­ten­tion is tra­di­tion. For 44-year-olds, it’s des­per­a­tion.

We’re The Millers opens on Wed­nes­day.

‘‘The Millers’’: Emma Roberts, Jennifer Anis­ton, Ja­son Sudeikis and Will Poul­ter.

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