Sis­ters top­ple big broth­ers

Blokes at a dis­ad­van­tage on re­al­ity se­ries, writes Dar­ren Cartwright

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BIG Brother’s sis­ter act Lisa and Katie are at a dis­tinct ad­van­tage be­cause they can safely con­fide in each other, says the show’s lat­est evictee Caleb Gep­pert.

Gep­pert spent five weeks on the se­ries be­fore he made his exit on Mon­day.

He says Katie and Lisa, who are play­ing as one con­tes­tant and must re­main within three me­tres of each other, had the up­per hand emo­tion­ally and psy­cho­log­i­cally over the other house­mates.

The Melbourne fire­man said they can gossip or ex­press their thoughts to each other with­out any ram­i­fi­ca­tions.

‘‘They can find a cor­ner to them­selves or go to the diary room to­gether and talk about is­sues with­out any­one else know­ing,’’ says Gep­pert.

‘‘But if you want to get things off your chest as an in­di­vid­ual house­mate and you share that, then there could be ram­i­fi­ca­tions.

‘‘If I told Tim some­thing he could use that in­for­ma­tion strate­gi­cally against me, so they def­i­nitely have an ad­van­tage.’’

Gep­pert’s exit was the most emo­tion­ally charged evic­tion this sea­son. Tully sobbed un­con­trol­lably and the rest of the girls wept. Matt, who had formed a brother-like bond with Gep­pert, was down­cast.

Gep­pert said evic­tions are emo­tion­ally charged be­cause of the iso­la­tion fac­tor and each time some­one leaves there is a deep sense of loss.

‘‘I was but sur­prised by my own emo­tion,’’ says Gep­pert who got teary when he saw Matt on the TV mon­i­tors dur­ing his exit in­ter­view.

‘‘You do have a sense of loss and when some­one leaves it’s like they have died and it’s a strange thing to hap­pen.

‘‘The whole com­pound am­pli­fies all the emo­tions.’’

De­spite the tears that flowed on his exit, Gep­pert said cracks are start­ing to form in­side the house and Tim, who is ex­tremely pop­u­lar with view­ers, was not so well-liked in the com­pound.

‘‘Cracks were form­ing within the group and that split is go­ing to breed some re­sent­ment or con­flict with peo­ple,’’ says Gep­pert.

‘‘I think there will be some fist­pump­ing when some peo­ple leave . . . Tim def­i­nitely stirred the pot.’’

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