Love, Rosie star Lily Collins (and Phil Collins’s daugh­ter), 25, chats about bak­ing, what it’s like liv­ing in the spot­light and be­ing “just friends”

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I didn’t ex­pect you to speak with an Amer­i­can ac­cent. In your new movie, Love, Rosie, you sound per­fectly English.

I was born in Sus­sex, Eng­land, so when I was five I had a Bri­tish ac­cent. And can I tell you some­thing strange? When I had to speak with a Bri­tish ac­cent for the film, I felt so much more ‘me’ than I ever do speak­ing with my nor­mal Amer­i­can ac­cent. It was weird.

The movie is about a pair of best friends who are se­cretly in love with each other. It taps into the ques­tion of whether boys and girls can be pla­tonic friends. What do you think?

I’ve thought about this a lit­tle. When you’re at­tracted to some­one as a friend, you’re at­tracted for mul­ti­ple rea­sons that far ex­ceed sex­u­al­ity. Some­times that love and af­fec­tion can get con­fus­ing. You won­der, “Am I at­tracted to this per­son be­cause I want to be with them, or is it be­cause I just re­ally like hang­ing out with them?” You have to try to de­ci­pher where those feel­ings are com­ing from.

Does that get more com­pli­cated in Hol­ly­wood?

Su­per-com­pli­cated. I can go out for lunch with a girl­friend and the press will say, “Lily goes to lunch with a friend.” If it’s with a boy, it’s, like, ru­mour mill! And for me, I feel like say­ing, “Wait a sec­ond guys, are you say­ing that guys and girls can’t be friends? Be­cause I’m pretty sure we can be!”

What about when you’re in a ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ship?

It’s never not go­ing to be odd, be­ing with some­one you love and be­ing fol­lowed and hav­ing your pic­ture taken. I find hon­esty is key. So long as you’re on the same page and are open about what a weird and un­nat­u­ral sit­u­a­tion it is, you can just face the weird­ness and go, “OK, what­ever.”

How does your dad (singer Phil Collins) feel about your suc­cess?

Up un­til re­cently, he was mainly liv­ing in Switzer­land so he wasn’t ex­posed to the me­dia frenzy ev­ery day. I would send him things and I think he’s been sur­prised how quickly it be­gan hap­pen­ing. So am I! I guess he’s just like any dad, brag­ging about his kids.

What about when you’re not work­ing? What’s your life like then?

It’s pretty nor­mal. Well, there’s noth­ing nor­mal about be­ing fol­lowed by pho­tog­ra­phers! But oth­er­wise, I go to ex­er­cise group classes with my friends, the movies, and for cof­fee, and din­ners. Mostly I like bak­ing and go­ing to vin­tage shops.

Love, Rosie opens to­day.

Lily Collins in a scene from the movie

Love, Rosie.

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