Sean Bean has played many roles – but noth­ing quite like the half-man, half-bee hy­brid he por­trays in new sci-fi flick Jupiter As­cend­ing

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Sean Bean has been to many worlds. The English ac­tor bat­tled orcs as the great war­rior Boromir in the Lord of the Rings films and as the Lord of Win­ter­fell, Ned Stark, in the TV se­ries Game of Thrones, he found him­self in the mid­dle of the bloody fight to con­trol the myth­i­cal land of Wes­teros.

Bean, 55, doesn’t catch much of a break in his new role. The English ac­tor is Stinger, a ge­net­i­cal­lyengi­neered half-bee war­rior in the science-fic­tion film Jupiter As­cend­ing.

The film is by sib­lings Lana and Andy Wa­chowski, the duo be­hind the Ma­trix tril­ogy, and is set partly on Earth, but also in­volves a bloody, in­ter­plan­e­tary power strug­gle be­tween a royal fam­ily not too un­like Game of Thrones.

The aliens use Earth like a farm, har­vest­ing hu­mans to cre­ate a youth serum.

“It was quite com­plex,” Bean says, de­scrib­ing read­ing the Jupiter As­cend­ing script for the first time. “It was a very dense, rich script with a lot go­ing on. It is multi-lay­ered with dif­fer­ent civil­i­sa­tions, dif­fer­ent plan­ets and dif­fer­ent peo­ple all vy­ing for power and there’s this girl in the mid­dle who is the nat­u­ral suc­ces­sor and who will be the leader.”

The girl is Jupiter Jones, a Rus­sian-born Chicago res­i­dent strug­gling to make ends meet with her fam­ily as a cleaner. Jupiter’s day job is clean­ing toi­let bowls, but sud­denly she finds her­self in the mid­dle of the alien power strug­gle.

Stinger, along with Caine Wise, a ge­net­i­cally en­gi­neered al­bino-wolf-hu­man hy­brid played by Chan­ning Ta­tum, step in to pro­tect Jupiter while this year’s best ac­tor Os­car favourite Ed­die Red­mayne plays Balem Abrasax, a creepy, slow-talk­ing mem­ber of the alien royal fam­ily who wants con­trol of Earth and the har­vest of the hu­mans.

“Be­fore we started they (the Wa­chowskis) made a rough an­i­mated ver­sion of what the first half of the film was about,” says Bean. “That was very use­ful be­cause we could visu­alise it.

“We sat in a lit­tle cinema and all watched it to to­gether be­fore we started film­ing so that was a great help.”

Au­di­ences first meet Bean’s Stinger when Jupiter and Caine sud­denly ap­pear at his Earth out­post.

In­stead of Stinger and Caine giv­ing each other a hug, they have an epic, bareknuck­led fight.

“Kind of, yeah,” Bean, in his deep, north­ern English ac­cent, laughs when asked if he showed pretty boy Ta­tum a few moves learned from the tough coun­cil es­tates in Sh­effield where he was raised. “He’s quite fit – a big guy.”

Chan­ning Ta­tum, Mila Ku­nis, Sean Bean, and David Ajala at the pre­miere of

Jupiter As­cend­ing.

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