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Kevin Bloody Wil­son is on a mission to set the “po­lit­i­cally cor­rect cap­tives” free.

“I think po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness is at the point now where it’s smoth­er­ing free speech,” he says.

“For that rea­son peo­ple are com­ing to my shows be­cause it’s ba­si­cally a po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness­free zone.”

The co­me­dian, who has re­ceived rave re­views from the likes of Billy Con­nolly, Paul Ho­gan and John Laws, will visit the Gold Coast next month with his First of the Fi­nal Farewell Tours. Per­haps con­cert.

But do not be fooled. He has been do­ing the show for a cou­ple of years and he is out to set a record up against some well-known mu­sos for the ‘‘Most Come­backs’’ ti­tle.

“I re­tired 30 years ago to pur­sue my hob­bies such as com­edy,’’ he says.

“The tour name is a take on peo­ple who say they’re re­tir­ing to pur­sue their hob­bies.

“I see ev­ery­one do­ing their fi­nal con­certs, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon.

‘‘I’ll prob­a­bly get three or four years out of this and then I’ll start do­ing my come­backs.

“Hey, when it comes to re­tir­ing and come­backs, I can out-Farn­ham (John) Farn­ham.

‘‘He has come back so many times, so if he can do it, so can I.’’

Those who may have a prob­lem with vul­gar lan­guage may want to steer clear.

“It lets peo­ple drop their guard. I re­fer to my shows as a stress re­lief sem­i­nar,” he says.

The co­me­dian has been en­ter­tain­ing au­di­ences in Australia and around the world since the 1970s and says writ­ing comes nat­u­rally to him.

On Fri­day week, he is sure to set the stage on alight with his hi­lar­i­ous an­tics and truth-rid­den comedic melodies.

Wil­son re­cently shared his take on his life story in his bi­og­ra­phy en­ti­tled DIL­LI­GAF: The Life And Rhymes Of Kevin Bloody Wil­son.

Kevin Bloody Wil­son

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