Troy Kinne has been flat out com­ing up with new ideas, guests and a mod­ern take on the sec­ond sea­son of his hi­lar­i­ous sketch show

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Last year he was cred­ited with re­viv­ing sketch com­edy, and Troy Kinne’s been work­ing over­time to make his sec­ond sea­son ap­pear as ef­fort­less as the first.

“Th­ese days it’s got to look like it was done on the fly, no muck­ing around. Peo­ple don’t want to see some­thing that’s had too much ef­fort put into it,” he says, with a laugh. “Which is ridicu­lous, ob­vi­ously.”

Kinne has brought some high-pro­file mates along for sea­son two of Kinne. Close friend Josh Law­son once again col­lab­o­rated in the writ­ing process (“any­thing he or I work on, we al­ways help each other whether it’s cred­ited or not,”) and Gold Lo­gie nom­i­nee Andy Lee joins the cast.

“I’ve been mates with Andy for a long while,” Kinne says.

“Af­ter se­ries one, we went to Toronto for Josh’s film The

Lit­tle Death, which was show­ing at the fes­ti­val, and Andy came too. Josh was wrapped up in do­ing pub­lic­ity for the film, so Andy and I hung out ev­ery day, and had a ball.

“He ac­tu­ally said to me, by the way, I’d love to do some stuff in Kinne if you’d have me. It was one of those things where the next day I had to bring it up again be­cause we’d had a few drinks. ‘So, when you said you wanted to be in Kinne, was that just be­cause you’d had a few drinks?’ And he said, mate I’d ab­so­lutely love to. He came and did a few sketches, it was awe­some. I for­got how much en­ergy that guy has when he’s on set. You can’t shut him up, it’s great.”

Lee isn’t the only fa­mous mate to crop up in Kinne’s con­ver­sa­tion. An­other co­me­dian, whose stand-up and sketch show finds ac­claim in the US, is an in­spi­ra­tion to Kinne ... and she’s a mate.

“I’m ac­tu­ally friends with Amy Schumer. I ac­tu­ally just texted her be­fore say­ing I men­tioned her in one of my ra­dio in­ter­views, so I ex­pect her to do the same,” he jokes. “I did some gigs with her in Syd­ney and in LA.

“Es­sen­tially she’s mak­ing a sketch show, and so am I. Not much dif­fer­ence be­tween what we’re do­ing. But she has a team of 30 writ­ers, a team of 20 peo­ple to take over Face­book, you know. I don’t say that in a whinge­ing or com­plain­ing way. I think with our show, the look of it benefits from such a small group. It’s got that matey vibe which we want to keep.”

Kinne’s writ­ing team is com­pact, as you might ex­pect in Aus­tralian TV-land, where re­sources are com­par­a­tively scarce. It con­sists of Kinne, fel­low direc­tor Max Price, Law­son and a hand­ful of oth­ers.

“It’s a good lit­tle team. It’s not a huge bunch of writ­ers, but for how fast we get things done it suits us not to over­load or have too many peo­ple putting ideas in.”

Much of Kinne’s com­edy cen­tres on re­la­tion­ships, and the var­i­ous ways the sexes in­ter­act th­ese days.

“It’s funny, I don’t have a girl­friend or any­thing, but I do find my­self ex­per­i­ment­ing on so­cial me­dia,” he says.

“Max, who’s a bit younger – he’s 24, I’m 37 – he’s a lot more fin­ger-on-the-pulse with the so­cial me­dia stuff.

“There’s ma­te­rial there, and you need to stay on top of it, be­cause it does gen­er­ate some­thing that ev­ery­one can re­late to.”

Max Price and Troy Kinne star in com­edy sketch show Kinne.

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