Not in their wildest dreams did this furry-faced quar­tet be­lieve they would at­tract so much sup­port with their beard-themed band

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With great beard, comes great re­spon­si­bil­ity. And like bearded su­per­heroes, John Beard­man Jnr, Facey McS­tub­bling­ton, Jo­hann Beardraven and Nathanael Beard are roam­ing from town to town sav­ing men from their ra­zors.

By day the mild-man­nered men build stuff, chop down trees and be all-round handy­men, but by night, the quar­tet bring their beardthemed tunes to life and trans­fix men across the na­tion with their im­pres­sive face warmers.

The Beards be­came wildly popular a few years ago when their break­out hit You Should Con­sider Hav­ing Sex With A Bearded Man made the Triple J Hottest 100. Since then the beard-themed band has been cre­at­ing trends and woo­ing women and men alike across the na­tion with their tunes.

Now the lads have hit the road spread­ing their pro-beard mes­sage on their Strokin’ My Beard tour, which vis­its Bris­bane to­mor­row and By­ron Bay on Sun­day.

“We are look­ing for­ward to spread­ing the mes­sage, the beards are go­ing to get pretty sweaty, but that’s what it’s all about,” says Jo­hann Beardraven.

“We are an ac­tual mu­si­cal band, but re­ally the mu­sic is just a ve­hi­cle for our pro-beard pro­pa­ganda, that’s kind of how we have al­ways seen it.

“Mu­sic just kind of lends it­self to spread­ing our mes­sage, we are look­ing at other av­enues to get the beard mes­sage out there, like a mu­si­cal, maybe even a tour where we just do some in­ter­pre­ta­tive dance.”

The Beards formed when the boys de­cided “to just lis­ten to our beards, and they haven’t steered us wrong yet” but if the band hadn’t formed, Beardraven says there could have been a ca­reer as a lum­ber­jack.

“I don’t think I would need a chain­saw, be­cause I feel like I’d be so good at it be­cause of my beard, I’d only need one of those lit­tle hand­held axes and then ca­su­ally chop down trees with­out even try­ing be­cause I’m so manly and mus­cu­lar.

“I’ve never tried to do any lum­ber­jack­ing be­fore, but I have a feel­ing I would be ex­cel­lent at it.”

Most rock bands have groupies spread across the coun­try ea­gerly await­ing the bands rolling into town, although The Beards have a sta­ble of men wait­ing to com­pare beard growth, bushi­ness and grab a hand­ful of their whiskers.

“We may not have thought this through when we started this band around beards, we do get a lot of blokes grop­ing the beards, but rest as­sured women find the beard quite ir­re­sistible as well, if any­thing we get too many women.”

The band en­cour­ages the growth of the male pop­u­la­tion and finds more and more men are show­ing up to be in­doc­tri­nated into the beard way of life, com­ing to shows with beards of all styles and va­ri­eties.

“Ev­ery beard is dif­fer­ent, that’s one of the great­est thing about beards, they are all unique and spe­cial in their own way.

“If you want to style your beard then that’s fine, if you pre­fer to let it grow nat­u­rally and free and let it run wild that’s also great, we like to en­cour­age all dif­fer­ent shapes and sizes.

“What­ever you think works for your face is fine.”

The Beards will per­form in Bris­bane to­mor­row and in By­ron Bay on Sun­day.

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