HBO hit se­ries En­tourage has spawned a movie – in which we catch up with Vin­cent Chase only to find he’s mak­ing a movie too

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W hen the world last checked in with lady-killing, Te­flon-coated movie star Vin­cent Chase, he was hop­ping a plane for Paris with the woman he was – much to his en­tourage’s sur­prise – go­ing to marry.

That was in the last episode of eight sea­sons of the En­tourage se­ries. The new En­tourage movie picks up around seven months later ... and the blonde jour­nal­ist who be­came Mrs Chase is nowhere to be seen.

“Come on,” says Adrian Gre­nier, the blue-eyes be­hind Chase for over a decade, “it’s

En­tourage – did you re­ally think that would last?”

In­deed. There’s no time for mourn­ing or ther­apy in the wake of a failed mar­riage in

En­tourage land. Just a party on a yacht and a new ca­reer fron­tier: Vin­nie con­vinc­ing his for­mer agent turned stu­dio boss, Ari Gold, to let him di­rect a $100 mil­lion movie.

And, voila (or should that be ‘boom’?), Vince, manager E, driver Tur­tle and peren­nial joke/big brother Drama are back for an­other Hol­ly­wood adventure.

And this time, they’ve gone big screen. Hug it out!

If Vin­cent Chase comes across as ice-cool, a lot of that is down to 38-year-old, New Mex­ico-born, New York-raised Gre­nier, some­thing of a hip­pie who puts the hor­i­zon­tal in laid­back.

“I think one of the rea­sons HBO re­sponded to me and Doug (Ellin, direc­tor) cast me as Vince is be­cause you need that even-keeled, stead­fast poise and calm to sur­vive that whole world,” Gre­nier says.

“It’s a non­cha­lance and con­fi­dence in his own skin.’’

Laid-back doesn’t mean de­tached or de­luded, how­ever. Gre­nier re­calls be­ing “leery” when he won his break­through role back in the early 2000s.

“It was a daunt­ing op­por­tu­nity, just be­cause I didn’t know what it would be. So I was a lit­tle trepidatious ... It was a ride that I couldn’t be pre­pared for.”

As En­tourage lifted Gre­nier’s pro­file (his ca­reer prior high-point was prob­a­bly the rom-com Drive Me Crazy op­po­site Melissa Joan Hart), he found his off-screen life be­gan to mir­ror what was hap­pen­ing for Vince on screen.

But the one thing he could never quite em­u­late was Vince’s get out of jail free card: though hob­bled at var­i­ous times by his sex life, drug habit or bad ca­reer de­ci­sions, Vin­cent Chase al­ways comes out on top.

“Vince al­ways lives in larger-than-life style. That’s his charm, that’s what ev­ery­one re­sponds to, is living vi­car­i­ously through this guy who lives a fan­tasy,’’ Gre­nier says.

“But truth be told, in my per­sonal life, I dream like every­body else to live a life where noth­ing can go wrong. I don’t know about you, but in my life, things go wrong. In Vince’s life some­how ev­ery­thing seems to work out.”

In the new movie, Vince isn’t hav­ing any par­tic­u­lar trou­ble with the ladies (bar won­der­ing whether or not to go there with the model from the Blurred Lines video, Emily Rata­jkowski); it’s di­rect­ing his first movie that pro­vides, as Gre­nier puts it, “a lot of op­por­tu­nity for con­flict”.

That brings Ha­ley Joel Os­ment, play­ing the son of a rich Texan in­vestor, into Vince’s or­bit (“Ha­ley Joel brings our movie to an­other realm”, says Gre­nier).

The film Vince is mak­ing and star­ring in is Hyde, a rather ravey take on the Jekyll and Hyde story. Elec­tronic mu­si­cian Calvin Har­ris makes a cameo, as does Johnny “Drama” Chase.

“Nepo­tism at its finest,” Gre­nier laughs.

As a direc­tor, reck­ons Gre­nier, “Vince has a nat­u­ral ease, a com­mand’’. His big­gest flaw? “He’s too close to it. The big­gest chal­lenge is not only di­rect­ing but act­ing as well – you have less per­spec­tive.’’

Dur­ing one of th­ese bouts of doubt, Rata­jkowski tells Vince he’s “too good-look­ing to be in­se­cure”. Gre­nier un­der­stands Hol­ly­wood is a con­fi­dence game: “We’re in the busi­ness of im­age and per­for­mances. So you gotta fake it well; make it be­liev­able.”

Con­fi­dence, as well as pride, is some­thing be­ing part of

En­tourage for the past decade has given him. “Peo­ple will be em­u­lat­ing

En­tourage for a long time, but there will only be one


En­tourage opens to­day


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