Comic Matt Okine teams with Gre­tel Killeen to give their own hu­mourous views on mod­ern eti­quette and how not to be­have

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Gre­tel Killeen re­turns to our screens as co­host of How Not to Be­have, along with co­me­dian Matt Okine. As it hap­pens, man­ners and po­lite be­hav­iour are top­ics the 52-year-old has some strong opin­ions about. at To­day FM. The only other pair I can think of where the fe­male is older is Lisa Wilkin­son and Karl Ste­fanovic at the To­day show. But Matt is al­most the same age as my son. He and I just got on from the word go. He likes to tease me, and I am of­ten rep­ri­mand­ing him. It’s al­most a mother-son kind of sit­u­a­tion, where he picks on me in that cheeky boy way. But one of the things I find most hi­lar­i­ous is that ... I’m the naugh­tier of the two of us. said, are you that chick from TV? And I said, well you can call me a chick, but I don’t know if you can call any­body else that. But he was ask­ing, ‘what are the pa­ram­e­ters?’. don’t have to in­de­pen­dently think about. I think also cir­cum­stances are chang­ing. We’ve got in­flu­ences com­ing in like nar­cis­sism and lazi­ness, which pred­i­cate that peo­ple take short­cuts. but be­cause of the time I grew up in, we were all treated as though we were not spe­cial, we were not unique, and we had to fit in. That’s what you did. Now the younger gen­er­a­tion is much more about, yes you are spe­cial, it is all about you. All the sta­tis­tics show that nar­cis­sism and self-ob­ses­sion have ac­tu­ally led to a very anx­i­ety rid­dled, I think so­cial media is re­ally tremen­dous. There are peo­ple who hate on it, and I know many peo­ple who’ve been hurt by that hate, but I try to imag­ine who would send those hor­ri­ble mes­sages, and what a sad, hurt per­son they must be in the first place.


Gre­tel Killeen and Matt Okine co-host

How Not To Be­have

on the ABC.

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