Ryan Eg­gold is hav­ing a lot of fun with his TV drama char­ac­ter as he evolves from mild-man­nered teacher into deadly covert op­er­a­tor on The Blacklist

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WHEN we first met Ryan Eg­gold’s Tom Keen on The Blacklist, he was the gen­tle school­teacher, mar­ried to FBI pro­filer El­iz­a­beth Keen (Me­gan Boone), deeply in love, plan­ning a fam­ily.

Then she dis­cov­ered he was a dou­ble agent, they tried to kill each other in their apart­ment, he es­caped, then came back for more. He ended up in a pool of blood with three gun­shots to his stom­ach cour­tesy of Liz, and was thought dead.

Liz had in­stead locked him up to learn his se­crets, (and be­cause she couldn’t kill the man she’d loved – no mat­ter what he turned out to be).

When that turned bad, Liz freed him and he dis­ap­peared for a while.

Now he’s back, des­per­ate, and we still can’t work out where he’s at with Liz.

As Eg­gold says: “It’s a very strange kind of love.” “No, if any­thing it took the pres­sure off. Be­cause I knew it was a lie, you could lay it on a lit­tle thicker.” “I learned a lit­tle krav maga – an Is­raeli form of self-de­fence that they teach the mil­i­tary. It’s very ‘how do I quickly and ef­fi­ciently neu­tralise a threat?’ It’s quick and strong.” “Nope. It’s fun. For both of us. The first time, we were so happy to shat­ter the ‘hey babe’ scenes – and also to phys­i­cally shat­ter our apart­ment. They were tak­ing the set down the next week so we had li­cense just to fully wreck it. We trashed the set. And she gives as good as she gets.” “I get the same emo­tional roller-coaster as the au­di­ence does when we get the scripts. ‘You’re locked up … you’re com­ing back’. Now you’re learn­ing Tom’s back­story – who is he? Who made him? Why is he the way he is? Is he a good man or a bad man? He might be do­ing bad things, for a rea­son (laughs) … or he might be psy­chotic.” “There could be. There is a cool love story there for Tom and Liz, al­beit a very dys­func­tional one in that if there are real feel­ings there what does that mean? I mean, she shot him in the stom­ach; he hit her in the face. We’ve all been in a re­la­tion­ship that in­tel­lec­tu­ally we know isn’t good for us or can harm us, but some­how there is that pull to this per­son. He is un­de­ni­ably drawn to her. She’s one of the few peo­ple in this world that he has a con­nec­tion to.” “I would love to say dou­ble agent … but when I think of the sol­diers that fight for us and the dan­ger they put them­selves in, I don’t think I could do it. It would be fun to be James Bond, but I just want to play with the gad­gets, like a watch that turns into an el­e­va­tor or like the guy that has the hat with the knives in the brim.”

Ryan Eg­gold plays Tom Keen in

The Blacklist.

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