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James Reyne has re­vealed a well-known rock star wanted to buy the rights to the Aus­tralian Crawl song Un­pub­lished Crit­ics, purely to try to sue Guns N` Roses.

The 1981 Crawl song was in the news ear­lier this year for its sim­i­lar­ity to Guns N` Roses’ 1988 hit, Sweet Child O’Mine.

This isn’t the first time peo­ple have no­ticed sim­i­lar­i­ties be­tween the songs. Reyne won’t name one high-pro­file mu­si­cian who be­lieves he has a case worth pur­su­ing.

“Peo­ple have told me for years ’gosh it sounds sim­i­lar’,” Reyne says.

“In fact a very well-known rock ’n’ roll star of­fered re­cently to buy the rights to Un­pub­lished Crit­ics be­cause he was go­ing to go and sue Guns N` Roses”.

The Crawl front­man can hear sim­i­lar­i­ties, but isn’t likely to pur­sue le­gal ac­tion. But he won’t stop any­one who may want to take it fur­ther.

“I mean the chords are ex­actly the same, but the chords are ex­actly the same on a lot of songs,” he says.

Reyne doesn’t spend much time think­ing about it – he’s too busy bag­ging re­al­ity TV shows.

“There’s a lot of young peo­ple who come out of these so-called mu­sic tele­vi­sion shows and turn up at places with an en­tourage. I think, ‘Oh you sweet lit­tle thing, can’t you drive your­self?’,” he says.

He puts this be­hav­iour down to too much “earnest­ness” in the mu­sic busi­ness.

Reyne is on the road again, tour­ing hits from his solo ca­reer and his time with Crawl.

He’s nearly four decades in the busi­ness, but it seems there’s just no stop­ping Reyne.

As far as he’s con­cerned, he’s got bet­ter with age.

“I know I’m a bet­ter song­writer, I’m a bet­ter singer, now. When I was younger I wouldn’t have called my­self a singer, it was sort of barely con­trolled yelling,” he says.

“I feel in a good spot.”

James Reyne.

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