With his pride firmly on the line, Issa Schultz strives to learn some­thing new ev­ery day in an ef­fort to stay ahead of The Chase

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The Chase’s “Su­pern­erd” Issa Schultz wasn’t all that ex­cited about his moniker when he joined the quiz show as one if its trivia ti­tans.

How­ever, af­ter sev­eral months in the high chair, he’s more than com­fort­able with his on­screen name and, even more so, send­ing con­tes­tants home empty-handed.

He says learn­ing the ba­sic ques­tions is as im­por­tant as the left-field ones on the pop­u­lar Seven Net­work se­ries hosted by An­drew O’Keefe.

“Ev­ery day I try to learn. I pick an area I am weak in and try and im­prove it. It sounds like an ex­ag­ger­a­tion but it’s true,” Schultz says.

“Even the ba­sic ques­tions, be­cause they can come up in

The Chase and if you don’t know you can be sure the con­tes­tant will.”

His out­fit nor­mally means wear­ing a bow tie and a sweater and he says; “when they first showed me I wasn’t that keen, but it works”.

He was re­cruited af­ter tak­ing home more than $200,000 on an­other O’Keefe­hosted se­ries, The Rich List.

In some re­spects, the stakes are a lot higher for Schultz be­cause he has pride on the line and doesn’t want to be the weak­est of the five trivia brains as the se­ries re­turns this week.

Join­ing the orig­i­nal four chasers, The Gov­erness (Anne Hegerty), Schultz, Go­liath (Matt Parkin­son) and The Shark (Bry­don Coverdale), is UK chaser The Beast (Mark Lab­batt).

When Schulz is not record­ing an episode, he’s learn­ing, and re­fresh­ing, his trivia knowl­edge.

“At my bank­ing job, I write lit­tle tid-bits, whether it’s the real name of a per­son, or a lit­tle fact on post-it notes and stick them round my mon­i­tor.”

He even used to buy Triv­ial Pur­suit to test his re­call and find out what he didn’t know.

“I would read ev­ery ques­tion on the card. I may do all the ge­og­ra­phy ques­tions and if I didn’t know the an­swer, I’d put the card aside. It was speed learn­ing,” he says.

“You’d be sur­prised, once you have read thou­sands of ques­tions, what you get out of it. Might I add, Triv­ial Pur­suit is not the best re­source in the world. They do get some wrong.”


Reg­u­larly at­tend trivia nights Fo­cus on top­ics you en­joy Read plenty of quiz books Self-test or get a friend or part­ner to ask ques­tions

Com­plete news­pa­per quizzes and write down what you didn’t know Ob­tain up-to-date quiz books Sports records are hard be­cause they are set weekly

Do mem­ory train­ing games to im­prove your re­call abil­ity

Use post-it notes around desk at work

Break down sub­jects, eg: learn a decade at a time

Re­mem­ber quizzing is an in­fi­nite hobby but the same ques­tions do come up The Chase airs week­nights on the Seven Net­work at 5pm

Pic­ture: JACK TRAN

Issa Schultz re­turns in the new se­ries of The Chase this week.

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