Sit­ting down with the stars of the ea­gerly an­tic­i­pated new an­i­mated flick The Se­cret Life of Pets was re­veal­ing, to say the very least

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Any­thing can hap­pen in New York City. But when you’re sit­ting down with sev­eral big names in the com­edy world, dis­cussing all things cute, the last thing you’d ex­pect is for a real life rab­bit to hi­jack your in­ter­view.

And yet, just 30 sec­onds in with ac­tors Lake Bell and Bobby Moyni­han, two of the stars of The Se­cret Life of Pets, and a fluffy bunny boldly stole the show.

Bell, who iron­i­cally hap­pened to be talk­ing about be­ing an “all an­i­mal lover” at the time and voices a foodlov­ing cat in the new an­i­ma­tion, could barely con­ceal her ex­cite­ment.

“I know we’re in the mid­dle of a professional in­ter­view right now, but there is a bunny rab­bit ... it’s rest­ing on your shoul­der in the shot,” she squealed. “I am so jazzed!”

Mean­while, I’m looking around try­ing to de­ter­mine whether it’s some sort of per­fectly timed prank from the crew at Universal. It wasn’t.

In the mid­dle of Jersey City, of all places.

Lake Bell’s re­ac­tion to see­ing a rab­bit dur­ing our in­ter­view was price­less.

While the re­main­der of the tal­ent chats weren’t quite as dra­matic, talks with Kevin Hart, Louis C.K and Eric Ston­estreet, who also star in the ad­ven­ture com­edy , were nonethe­less en­joy­able.

Hart and Louis C.K – who have never teamed up for a film be­fore – got se­ri­ous about pet hor­ror sto­ries and flush­ing cer­tain species, ad­mit­ting they’re both guilty of it.

“One hun­dred per cent, bye bye,” Hart said, adding that he tells his kids: “You flush it, it was your pet.”

Louis C.K added: “If you flush a fish, you should wait a lit­tle while. Be­cause it’s a waste of water.

“If it’s yel­low, let it mel­low. If it’s brown, flush it down. If it’s a fish, who cares.”

Both co­me­di­ans ad­mit­ted they switched to dogs in their re­spec­tive house­holds after more than one gold­fish saga.

Eric Ston­estreet stars as an enor­mous mutt named Duke in The Se­cret Life of Pets.

For him, a life­time of be­ing around an­i­mals was what swayed him to sign on for this film – his very first an­i­ma­tion.

On life be­yond the award­win­ning com­edy se­ries Mod­ern Fam­ily, which he re­ferred to as “a great gift that has come into my life”, Ston­estreet had this to say: “I kind of look at get­ting the job as going to Ve­gas and hit­ting the slot ma­chine for one mil­lion dol­lars, and then you just slowly back out the door and then you turn and you just run, and never go back.” The Se­cret Life of Pets opens today

Com­edy heavy­weights such as Kevin Hart and Eric Ston­estreet voice char­ac­ters in the new film The Se­cret Life of Pets.

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