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You’ve vis­ited the Gold Coast many times. What mem­o­ries do you have here? My fond­est mem­ory would have to be open­ing up Sanc­tu­ary Cove. At the time on the bill there was my­self, Peter Allen, Whit­ney Hous­ton and Frank Si­na­tra – it was in­sane. At 17 years old I was like holy s-t look at me now. That was the 80s. You get through it when you’re a kid, just balls to the wall, be shame­less and have no fear. Does that mean you hung out with Frank Si­na­tra? I wouldn’t have even known what to say. Put me on­stage with a mic and I was fear­less. Be­cause I had such a strong de­sire to suc­ceed I didn’t care if I f---ed it up, I just did it any­way. But later there’s that crip­pling self-con­fi­dence when you’re among peers. You’ll be play­ing NightQuar­ter on the Gold Coast to around 2000 peo­ple. Do you pre­fer to per­form to huge are­nas or in more in­ti­mate set­tings? It’s such a pow­er­ful, heady ex­pe­ri­ence to per­form big out­door con­certs, but I’m a lit­tle bit weird in that I like to play in­ti­mate gigs too. It’s just you and the crowd and they get to re­quest what­ever they want and I take it all in. In­ter­act­ing with a crowd is part of the whole ex­pe­ri­ence. There’s still so much I want to dis­cover and learn - how to be more ex­pres­sive, more hon­est. You can’t learn that by wish­ing for it, you have to live it. I’ve still got that to go. It doesn’t sound like you’re any­where near re­tire­ment … No there’s no re­tire­ment com­ing up for me. Mu­si­cians, we’re not re­ally nor­mal. Even the word re­tire­ment, what even is it? Re­tire­ment is meant to be get­ting re­warded for work­ing hard, but this doesn’t feel like work. Do you get sick of play­ing your clas­sic hits or do you like to give the peo­ple what they want? I don’t know. Be­cause it’s my birth­day I’m just go­ing to make it up as I go along. I’ll ask the crowd. I have a band I’ve been work­ing with for many years now; they’re dear friends of mine. We’ve grown up to­gether, we’re a fam­ily. With a live au­di­ence part of the magic is you chang­ing and work­ing with them and serv­ing them – that’s magic. I’ll al­ways do Brave, Bed­room Eyes and Pash, then ma­te­rial from Je­sus Christ Su­per­star and I had a top 10 record with Wendy Matthews, a blues record. NightQuar­ter is all about nur­tur­ing Aus­tralian mu­si­cians. What are your thoughts on the Aus­tralian mu­sic scene at the mo­ment? I’ve heard (NightQuar­ter) is a bur­geon­ing scene and they’re putting a lot of ef­fort into great bands and a great at­mos­phere. They did the sweet­est thing with this gig on my birth­day and mak­ing it free to the pub­lic. It’s a big one this year, so they’ve been mak­ing a lot of song and dances into how to spoil me for that. As for the broader scene ... women in rock. There’s prob­a­bly only one fe­male for ev­ery 15 men in Aus­tralian mu­sic. I’m sup­port­ive of Aus­tralia mu­sic, as much as one can be. But yeah, I still think we have a lot of boys and could do with a few more chicks. Some­one like Sia, there’s much to be ad­mired. What’s life like for Kate Ceberano at the mo­ment? My work­ing life is usu­ally spent on the road be­tween Thurs­day and Sun­day. When I’m home I’m cook­ing and I’ve got a 12-year-old daugh­ter. That’s the life of the modern wo­man though isn’t it? I’m blessed that I have a ca­reer and love what I do; I wouldn’t re­place it for any­thing. Turn­ing 50 is im­pos­si­ble to imag­ine, it sounds so old. What has it been like tran­si­tion­ing from a wild early ca­reer to moth­er­hood? My daugh­ter is a rare per­son, she ar­rived and she has a great in­ter­est in mu­sic her­self and does act­ing at school. She’s ex­pressed a huge in­ter­est in clothes and fash­ion since she could bal­ance in six-inch heels. We have a very rare and un­usual life, but she cuts me a lot of slack be­cause she loves it too. She writes songs and started record­ing this year – we’ve done some record­ings to­gether. It’s all about easy steps. She’s been in some in­cred­i­ble en­vi­ron­ments of 20,000 peo­ple con­certs, tele­vised shows – she’s al­ready lived quite an un­usual life.

Kate Ceberano’s free con­cert is at NightQuar­ter to­mor­row night.

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