It’s been 40 years since Julio Igle­sias first toured Aus­tralia. Still se­duc­ing au­di­ences at 73, the Span­ish casanova has lost none of his charm

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We’re ex­cited to have you play­ing on the Gold Coast soon – are you look­ing for­ward to your visit?

I love to be in Aus­tralia. The coun­try is beau­ti­ful and big and the peo­ple are very giv­ing. When I come to Aus­tralia my fam­ily want to come too be­cause it is a beau­ti­ful coun­try. So I bring my wife and kids and be­cause they come I can’t have Aus­tralian girl­friends. No, no I am only jok­ing, but even though I am not so young I look pretty good. I can send you a pic­ture.

Do you ever think you’ll be ready to re­tire?

A champion doesn’t have an age. Peo­ple who make oth­ers happy don’t have an age. I am sur­viv­ing as an artist, it’s be­cause I am a nat­u­ral and it’s nice to tell you that. At 20 years-old I couldn’t say that be­cause I was mod­est. But now I am 73 years-old and I am one of the best-sell­ing artists in his­tory all over the world. You can say what you think and what you feel when you get older be­cause you have done so many things and that’s also a priv­i­lege.

So you still en­joy tour­ing?

If I don’t tour I die. It’s not a ques­tion of money. To go to Aus­tralia costs me a for­tune. I love to sing and if I don’t sing, I die. I’ll tell you some­thing very im­por­tant: the day I’m not happy is the day I die. Singing for me is an ex­er­cise of my heart, my blood and my brain. My brain and heart get younger when I go on stage.

With such a large reper­toire of songs, how do you choose what you’ll share in your show?

I’m go­ing to sing the songs that peo­ple ex­pect me to sing. The peo­ple of Aus­tralia know my songs and I’ll do those songs. Why? Be­cause I don’t want to in­vent any­thing any­more, I’m done with that. So I’m go­ing to do those.

What re­sponse do you get from your fans ... and how has your au­di­ence changed over your ca­reer?

When I look at women I don’t look at an age. I have eight kids, so my view of women is the re­spect and love and learn­ing I have from them. But the 55-70 year-old fans they look at me and like my mu­sic and go home and say to their hus­bands, “I love you more than ever”. There are many ways to cheer for an artist. Goose­bumps is the most im­por­tant type of cheer­ing. It means you get in­side peo­ple – you can scream eas­ily but for goose­bumps to hap­pen that is very spe­cial.

Julio Igle­sias, Jupiters Gold Coast, De­cem­ber 3

Julio Igle­sias is set to woo lo­cal au­di­ences when he ar­rives on the Gold Coast next month

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