With the Aussie se­ries of Whose Line is it Any­way? hit­ting our screens, cast mem­ber Cal Wil­son shares how she found her funny bone

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How did you land the role? I got asked to au­di­tion for it, which I am so grate­ful for. I think my heart would have bro­ken if I wasn’t in­volved. There were four lots of au­di­tions be­cause everyone wanted to do it. They did a re­ally smart thing by go­ing for im­pro­vis­ers and not celebrities – it wasn’t about “Oh you did a gar­den­ing show, you’re a race com­men­ta­tor”. Were you ner­vous tak­ing on such a com­edy in­sti­tu­tion? I wasn’t ner­vous but I prob­a­bly should have been. I was more over­awed by it. They’ve changed cer­tain things – there’s a live band, dif­fer­ent set, new and young per­form­ers and Tommy (Lit­tle) is such a dif­fer­ent host, so it re­ally felt like our show from the start. I’m in love with the band, the band is so great. Mu­si­cians are way cooler than co­me­di­ans, and we’re like, “The band think we’re funny! We’re great, we’re so great”. Do im­pro­vis­ers have to be co­me­di­ans? Im­pro­vis­ers are kind of dif­fer­ent from stand-ups be­cause with stand-up you want to be the one to get the gag, but with im­pro­vis­ing it doesn’t mat­ter who gets the gag as long as the gag is got. We’re the biggest bunch of nerdy geeks; Tommy Lit­tle loves to tell us how un­cool we are. Co­me­di­ans are usu­ally the out­siders or the mis­fits. Even if we don’t ap­pear to be mis­fits, that’s the way we feel about our­selves. I learnt to be funny be­cause I didn’t know what to say, so if I could make peo­ple laugh we had a con­nec­tion with­out hav­ing to share any­thing deeper. Once you start mak­ing peo­ple laugh it’s re­ally ad­dic­tive. Well you’re re­ally good at it. Thank you, you may stay. There’s a good male to fe­male ra­tio on the cast, how do you feel about that? It’s a real tes­ta­ment to the pro­duc­ers that they went with that be­cause it is quite un­com­mon. But there are ac­tu­ally a lot of women who do im­prov and I don’t know why that is, maybe be­cause it’s more col­lab­o­ra­tive. It’s so nice to not be the only woman. It’s re­ally ex­cit­ing to see all these young fe­male co­me­di­ans like Te­gan Hig­gin­botham and Susie Youssef who are so bril­liant and have such clear dis­tinct voices. We need to nor­malise it. Women are re­ally funny but we haven’t had the role mod­els.

Whose Line is it Any­way? 7.30pm Sun­day, The Com­edy Chan­nel

Pic­ture: Glenn Hamp­son

Cal Wil­son at QT Ho­tel Gold Coast.

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