They may have been fly­ing by the seats of their pants, but Jen­nifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt and Michael Sheen were all along for this ride

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It may be a space epic, but Pas­sen­gers was ac­tu­ally a pretty in­ti­mate en­deav­our. Most days on set, the cast con­sisted of just Jen­nifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt and Michael Sheen, who nat­u­rally got close quickly.

“I have friends I’ve known for more than 15 years and I don’t know them as well and they don’t know me as well as we (all) do be­cause we spent 16 hours a day, ev­ery day to­gether,” Lawrence says. In the film, which is in cin­e­mas this week, Pratt and Lawrence are pas­sen­gers on a 120-year jour­ney to a new planet. Trav­el­ling in hi­ber­na­tion pods, both wake up 90 years ear­lier than planned. Sheen plays a robot bar­tender and de facto friend of the two leads as they try to fig­ure out what to do. You didn’t know each other be­fore? JL: None of us did! MS: I re­mem­ber the very first con­ver­sa­tion we ever had. It was about ghosts. JL: Was it? I was stay­ing in a haunted house! It was straight up haunted. MS: Within a minute we were talk­ing about ghosts. JL: It was heavy on my mind ... it was re­ally haunted. The jacuzzi would turn on by it­self. Does ev­ery ac­tor dream of be­ing in a space film – strap­ping on a space­suit and play­ing with weight­less­ness? JL: If we were ac­tu­ally weight­less it would be amaz­ing. The truth is you’re on a wire be­ing held by your un­der­wear in a 75 pound space­suit hav­ing to float your arms up pre­tend­ing to be weight­less. MS: Would you have pre­ferred to do what they did on Apollo 13, go­ing on that ac­tual aero­plane and drop­ping? JL: No, I would not. CP: I would love that. MS: You would? CP: That would be amaz­ing. MS: That scares the be­jeezus out of me. CP: I would love that. I would do that in a heart­beat. Does the idea of go­ing on a 120-year jour­ney to colonise a planet hold any ap­peal to you? JL: It does for me. It’s a huge ad­ven­ture. It’s def­i­nitely a down­side that by the time you get there ev­ery­one you know and love is dead. If you could bring a cou­ple of peo­ple, though ... if I could bring Michael and Pratt, I’d be like, “Guys, let’s go on a va­ca­tion. Don’t ask ques­tions. You’re go­ing to have to get a colonic.” And then I would just sneak you into the hi­ber­na­tion pods and when you woke up I’d be like, “It’s 200 years in the fu­ture!” MS: It would be in­ter­est­ing to see if in 200 years in the fu­ture, any­one is watch­ing any of the films that the three of us have been in. JL: Oh, of course they are! CP: But it’s crazy to think that just like, 200, 300 years ago peo­ple did get to make that de­ci­sion. They boarded ships headed west­ward where they truly knew they were never go­ing to come back. MS: That idea of be­ing a pi­o­neer, I can see what is so ex­hil­a­rat­ing about that for peo­ple. CP: We’ve run out of things to ex­plore that are phys­i­cal on this planet. There are no is­lands left, there are no land­masses left that haven’t been colonised or ex­plored. There’s a pretty big twist in this movie that au­di­ences will re­act strongly to. JL: That’s what’s so amaz­ing. We don’t want to talk too much about it be­cause we want peo­ple to be sur­prised, but it’s such a con­tro­ver­sial twist in the movie that we haven’t even ad­ver­tised. And that was what I re­ally liked about the movie. Ev­ery­one who leaves is go­ing to have a dif­fer­ent opin­ion. MS: We’re talk­ing about the twist that I don’t have legs? JL: Yes. What was the wa­ter bubble stunt like? JL: I was in a tank that was filled with mostly my urine. The hardest part was go­ing up­side down but not be­ing able to blow the air out so wa­ter got in my nose and I’d have to swal­low it. Is it re­fresh­ing to do an orig­i­nal block­buster? MS: It’s now be­com­ing rarer and rarer to see a film on this scale that you come to com­pletely fresh. It’s not a re­hash. It’s an orig­i­nal story ... It’s un­like any­thing I’ve ever seen be­fore. Also it’s a mas­sive sci-fi film and there’s a re­ally in­ti­mate story go­ing on too. I can see why this film could eas­ily not work with­out these spe­cific two peo­ple do­ing it. JL: Thank you Michael! MS: This is La La Land, right? Pas­sen­gers opens in cin­e­mas Jan­uary 1

Jen­nifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt be­came close while film­ing Pas­sen­gers.

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