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Why doesn’t the Gold Coast know more about Amy Shark? She’s been signed by Won­der­lick En­ter­tain­ment in part­ner­ship with Sony, worked with Grammy award-win­ning pro­ducer M-Phazes on her break­out track, Adore, which has amassed over two mil­lion Spotify plays, and is cur­rently fore­cast for sec­ond place in Triple J Hottest 100, ac­cord­ing to bets placed on Sport­sBet. The most in­cred­i­ble part about it all is she’s a Gold Coast girl, born and bred, and this all hap­pened in 2016.

“At the be­gin­ning of this year I ap­plied for a grant from Gold Coast City Coun­cil to get M-Phazes to pro­duce one of my songs,” Amy says.

“It wasn’t even to get a deal, I just wanted it for my­self. When I didn’t get it, I was pretty bummed, I said ‘That’s it I don’t want to do this any­more’. But it came around again and I pretty much sub­mit­ted the same as­sign­ment and I got it.”

The grant gave her the op­por­tu­nity to prop­erly record her first song with MP­hazes, best known for his col­lab­o­ra­tion with Eminem.

How­ever, Shark has been writ­ing and record­ing mu­sic for many, many years, mak­ing the “overnight suc­cess story” tag a bit­ter pill to swal­low.

“It’s such a load of crap, what sucks is I’m a per­son who has said that my­self and now I to­tally get that there’s much more to life than what’s ac­tu­ally seen,” she says.

“A lot of peo­ple will see me on Chan­nel V and think I’m just some ran­dom Sony sign­ing, prob­a­bly got my song writ­ten for me. But the peo­ple who care will find I’ve been writ­ing songs for a long time and re­leas­ing mu­sic for a long time – I wasn’t try­ing to write a hit, I was just writ­ing like I have done for eight years. Some­times it’s just your time.”

The hit, Adore, has been em­braced in­ter­na­tion­ally for its relatable lyrics and Shark’s ef­fort­less vo­cals, but it’s not your av­er­age love song.

“It’s easy to say ‘I love you’ or use those cliches. Adore is more about the sub­tle­ness of fall­ing for some­thing.”

Fame hasn’t found its way to her ego, with her book­i­etipped sec­ond place on Aus­tralia’s big­gest an­nual count­down al­most com­pletely un­fath­omable to her.

“I would be do­ing cart­wheels if I even come in 99th place,” she says.

“I’m not even go­ing to think about it be­cause it’s just not go­ing to hap­pen – I won’t even get in the top 10. If you look through the list and the peo­ple who are in the run­ning there’s no way.

“I don’t know whose putting money on me and I feel for them be­cause they’re not go­ing to get it back.”

Keep an ear out for more Amy Shark in 2017, with new sin­gles and an al­bum on the way.

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