Ac­tor Woody Har­rel­son en­joyed mak­ing War for the Planet of the Apes so much, he’d hap­pily re­turn to play an ape in a fu­ture film

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Woody Har­rel­son is the new vil­lain in the re­booted Planet of the Apes fran­chise. In the fi­nal film in the tril­ogy, Cae­sar wres­tles with his darker in­stincts and be­gins his own myth­i­cal quest to avenge his kind af­ter the apes suf­fer ter­ri­ble losses.

Har­rel­son plays the Colonel, a driven mil­i­tary leader who will go to any lengths in his fight against Cae­sar’s forces. how it works any­way. I liked the idea of the Colonel, I mean, s**t, you’d rather be an ape in one of these movies, a love­able ape, like Bad Ape! Steve Zahn knocks it out of the park! Ob­vi­ously, the part of the Colonel is kind of loosely based, or at least the con­cept is (sim­i­lar to) Kurtz from Heart Of Dark­ness, bet­ter known in Apoca­lypse Now. I was a lit­tle wor­ried that the char­ac­ter was too starkly evil, but that’s the great thing about Matt, who has about 10 mil­lion things to do in a day, yet he’ll take the time and work it over with you. I had some ideas of how to make the guy a lit­tle more hu­man. You want there to be a rea­son be­hind what­ever looks to be, on the sur­face, evil. That also makes it more re­al­is­tic to play him. So that was our ear­li­est con­ver­sa­tion that I re­mem­ber, and that con­ver­sa­tion kept hap­pen­ing, we kept work­ing on it, and Matt’s great, he’s a hard worker – if he says he’s go­ing to do some­thing, he does it. At first it’s a lit­tle daunt­ing, be­cause they’ve got all the dots on their face and the grey suit which makes it look like ev­ery­body’s in Span­dex or some­thing. And these mo­cap cam­eras hov­er­ing in front of their faces all the time, it takes some get­ting used to. But I’ve got to say, af­ter a day or so, it’s just how it is, it’s nor­mal. And the ac­tors are so good. I think Andy is one of the great­est ac­tors alive. You ac­cept them as apes, the way they move, ev­ery­thing. It’s an amaz­ing thing, be­cause I never thought I’d be ex­cited about some­thing like this, but I do think now I’m re­ally be­liev­ing in mo­tion cap­ture. Ob­vi­ously, to get to do this and see the evo­lu­tion of it; I was watch­ing it at early stages when they showed me some scenes many months ago that were worked on a lit­tle bit, and some­times you’d see apes, some­times you’d see what was shot, and to watch it de­velop, it’s great. When it’s done right like that, it’s awe­some. When I saw the first one, I was, like, ‘holy s**t! I can­not wait to see the sec­ond one, that was in­cred­i­ble’. Then boom, I watched the sec­ond one and that may even have been bet­ter than the first one, that never hap­pens. I couldn’t wait to see the next one, then got to be in it. So it’s a lucky life. And when I did fi­nally see this one, I was just blown away. I think I would do that. I think peo­ple might know it was me, be­cause my voice is recog­nis­able, though they might think it’s Woody Allen, the way things go with me. I’d be maybe up for that. Just to be a part of it, it’s such an amaz­ing thing, this story hooked me. I would love to be ac­tu­ally a good guy in one of these movies if they do one. This is a tril­ogy and War is num­ber three, so who knows?

Woody Har­rel­son as the Colonel looks mean and moody along­side a hir­sute co-star in War for the Planet of the Apes.

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