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JT, I think you will find most asy­lum seek­ers ar­rive here with lit­tle to no skills so go straight onto wel­fare. While you’re at it, check the sta­tis­tics on un­em­ploy­ment rates of asy­lum seek­ers. – O1

South­port has lost its soul, no bak­ery to grab a pie or a burger shop when hun­gover. Bring back the mall. CBD in­sanely bar­ren now. – Marshy

Yes Mr Barry C. Gold Coast and most of Aus­tralia is bor­ing. So over reg­u­lated. Too many do good­ers ring­ing up and com­plain­ing about ev­ery­thing. Plenty of lit­tle towns out west where you can go and live and sit in your quiet lit­tle town and be mis­er­able. They need mu­sic and lots of lit­tle bars along our coast beaches so we can have fun and be happy. And yes I am an old per­son.

Prayers and best wishes for Tommy, our lovely Mayor and his fam­ily. Pos­i­tive at­ti­tude as al­ways Tom. – Shezz

A poll in NZ re­sult was 70% don’t want Manus Is­land asy­lum seek­ers. Ardern’s of­fer to Aus­tralia to take them is hers not NZ's. Won­der how big her house and bank ac­count is? KJ.

Sin­bad you ask ‘what’s a 94 y/o do­ing be­hind the wheel’? Then we oldies ask ‘what’s im­ma­ture teenage rev heads do­ing be­hind the wheel?’

GW it’s good you pay tax. Let them live off your tax all 600 of them. I would rather my taxes help pen­sion­ers who have paid taxes. What are your thoughts on refugees who have de­frauded Cen­tre­link of tens of mil­lions of dol­lars?

JT, Tess 600 Manus de­tainees may well have be­come skilled work­ers if they came here. But what would we do with the other 30,000 the boat smug­glers would have brought? – John Mc Can some­one buy Fraser An­ning a beer for dump­ing One Na­tion and be­com­ing an in­de­pen­dent? All of the vot­ing pub­lic should do the same as they are a lost cause just like the LNP who are re­ly­ing on their pref­er­ences to win. – Trust Me

No friends? Buy a ute, you will have more friends than you need in no time. – BigDog

Re. Nu­clear power sta­tion for New Eng­land elec­torate. Barn­aby Joyce must be sup­ported by all par­ties so clean cheap nu­clear energy can be gen­er­ated. Fam­i­lies and busi­nesses will greatly ben­e­fit. Fam­ily tax re­bates could be in­creased. Let’s all get be­hind Barn­aby’s push for nu­clear power. – John

Will the abc ever put up a Xmas tree or dec­o­ra­tion in the news room, cant re­mem­ber ever see­ing any­thing fes­tive

BOM your fore­cast­ing leaves a lot to de­sire. Mon­day you stated 16C to 24C. But it was 19C to 26C, I un­der­stood your new equip­ment would make it more ac­cu­rate, but it’s no bet­ter than be­fore. – Terry

So they let 8 year olds drive a drag racer at speeds up to 90km/h. Ab­so­lute mad­ness!

Can I sue for false rep­re­sen­ta­tion? I used well known and ex­pen­sive TV ad­ver­tised fly spray on a lone fly. Fast knock down … huh? Sprayed enough on the pesky thing over the even­ing to kill an ele­phant. Plus my hus­band but it was still stag­ger­ing around in the morning. Bring back the trusty fly strips. They were ugly but ef­fec­tive. – Granny An­nie

Sarah Han­son-Young you nailed Pauline Han­son big time. – Pit­bull

I was won­der­ing, do politi­cians take cour­ses in how to avoid an­swer­ing ques­tions. Some are great at it and oth­ers not so much. – GT

I am a lit­tle con­fused. Is silly fork-tongued An­nasta­cia in favour of the Adani coal mine go­ing ahead or not?

What kind of con­spir­acy are we hav­ing in Queens­land Elec­tion this year? Only three can­di­dates on a bal­lot pa­per. What hap­pened to all the oth­ers?

If the trams are run­ning from He­lensvale, why can’t they be put on line for Christ­mas shop­ping be­fore Christ­mas?

What’s hap­pened to our beaches? The pumper has gone the le­gacy is that the beaches r prob­a­bly the most dan­ger­ous they’ve ever been. Tough sum­mer com­ing up for the life­guards. – Con­cerned

Has any­one tried to swim at the beaches? They're a death trap. Can high paid spokesman jus­tify the ex­pense of the sand pump­ing folly?

Re Black Swan Lake. The bird life will find an­other home when the lake is filled in. The en­vi­ron­ment is al­ways chang­ing ei­ther by hu­mans or through nat­u­ral causes (drought, flood, earth­quake etc) and an­i­mals move on. The birds prob­a­bly go to other food source places on a daily ba­sis any­way. I love an­i­mals but I have a re­al­is­tic view.

Ever seen a schoolie high on red frogs, noo­dles and pas­sion pop? I have. Dou­ble bolt your doors. – Fred

When I wake on Novem­ber 26 I de­mand ev­ery po­lit­i­cal eye­sore be gone from our city. These signs are a blight on the land­scape. – Coaster

To gen­tle­man with wife need­ing MRI. Go to Bris­bane you will get an ap­point­ment next day. Good luck.

Am­putee had to fight for 2 years to get dis­abil­ity pen­sion, but il­le­gal asy­lum seeks rorted the gov­ern­ment for $10 mil­lion. – Mick

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