The big money grab

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HAVE you ever won­dered why Gympie floods so of­ten?

All the mil­lions of tonnes of wa­ter rush­ing down the Mary River since be­fore Gympie was ever set­tled?

Her banks are still strong and nar­row. That in­di­cates strong un­yield­ing rock.

With to­day’s tech­nol­ogy, why can’t wa­ter be stored in un­der­ground tanks, formed in that solid rock be­side the Mary? It has been done in other coun­tries with less tech­nol­ogy that we have at our dis­posal.

The tech­nol­ogy has been cre­ated where ev­ery farm and house­hold could gen­er­ate their own so­lar or wind.

It will be ar­gued “that’s not so” much eas­ier to in­vent than phones that talk so many mil­lions to be made from such in­ven­tions but with power it’s eas­ier to hold us to ran­som with soar­ing prices.

A plant could eas­ily be made to turn cane into fuel for adapted pumps. Th­ese in power have no thought for their de­scen­dants. They go down with the rest of us. So they con­tinue on with the big money grab. Let’s face it they have no more re­spon­si­bil­ity than a fam­ily try­ing to make their mea­gre pen­sion, dole or wages go round bare ne­ces­si­ties.

Ev­ery­one is ex­pected to keep up with all tech­nol­ogy or live with their out-dated sys­tems that don’t work any more and just stare at the walls. — M Moore, Curra

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